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Willie’s Garage Ep 26 – An Emotional Episode

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On the season finale of Willie's Garage, Nick and George uncover a weird Dutch music video featuring a man in an ALF suit. Plus, the Tanners get roped into a time share scam and Trevor Okmonek gets flashbacks from Kor...

Super Chino Remix by Paris In Stereo

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Our pal Ilene in Memphis gave us this tape of a performance by Super Chino, a Mexican band with the greatest choreography (and costumes) we've ever seen. Now our pal Paris In Stereo has remixed their song, and we remi...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Super Mario Bros 3 with Bob Mackey

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The Shaturday boyz are joined by Bob Mackey of the Retronauts and Talking Simpsons podcasts to watch a Mother's Day episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Meet Princess Exposition, find out what's in the "m...

VCR Party Live! Ep 161 – That Irascible Imp Alex Pickett

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This week on VCR Party, Joe's brother Alex joins us to tell stories from the Found Footage Festival trenches and talk about his new book, The Restaurant Inspector. This episode has everything: "Personality," colonosco...

Willie’s Garage Ep 25 – Cockroaches & Kafka

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This week in Willie's Garage, Nick and George watch a memorable episode of ALF with a giant space cockroach. Plus, an ALF rap remix, passages from ALF writer Jerry Stahl's book, Permanent Midnight, references to both ...

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How to Have Cybersex on the Internet

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This 1997 instructional video can't decide whether to be informational or sexy and, as a result, succeeds at neither. Tedium has never been this topless.

Modeling: What It Takes

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In this exclusive bonus clip from the FFF Volume 5 DVD, we learn how to be a model from a variety of how-to videos found at thrift stores. Featuring appearances by Denise Richards, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and the heads...

Special Delivery: “Whelping”

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280.87K Views0 Comments Found in a thrift store on Long Island, New York, "Special Delivery" looked pretty innocuous but proved to be an eye-opening education in the world of "whelping." See even more on the F...

Video Dating

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We cut together our favorite parts from a 1987 dating service video given to us by David Cross and has since gone on to become a world-wide hit. Check out the full version on the Found Footage Festival Volume 4 DVD.

What I Want

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This informational video for a Bay Area self-help guru encourages participants to talk about their life dreams, which include writing books about angels and touching people. Donated by David Cross.

How To Seduce Women Through Hypnosis

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A Found Footage Festival classic, this video somehow manages to be creepier than its title suggests. And that's quite a feat for a video called "How to Seduce Women Through Hypnosis." Available on the FFF Vol. 2 DVD.

Carnival In Rio With Arnold Schwarzenegger

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This travel video for Rio de Janeiro stars a young and frisky Arnold Schwarzenegger, who sexually harasses just about every woman he sees during Carnival. This guy's a governor now. See more of Arnold in Rio on FFF Vo...

Dancing With Frank Pacholski

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It sucks that somebody's grandma had to see this, but we're so glad that this show exists. This is Los Angeles public access at its finest. Thanks to Johnny Ryan for hooking us up.

How To Be A Real Man

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This clip from a video entitled "How to be a Real Man," found at a flea market in Berea, Ohio, shows hip teenagers that life isn't only about Demolition Man posters, Counting Crows CDs and dressing like a bumbling und...

Enjoy Love Making Through Hypnosis

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One of the stranger videos we've found in recent years, this tape attempts to hypnotize you into being a better lover through the use of erotic imagery, shaky nature footage, confusing editing, and the soothing, Jacki...