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Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Snuffy, Ziggy And Other Pantsless Characters

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It's comic strip day this Shaturday! And the gang will see how well they translate to cartoons by watching a short Ziggy special and a weird Snuffy Smith cartoon. Plus George assembles a block of commercials featuring...

Jingle Mysteries: Who Wrote the Nestle Alpine White Song?

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We wanted to know who wrote the unforgettable Nestle Alpine White jingle that's been stuck in our head since 1986. Our own VHS detective, George Pasles, tracked down the maestro, Lloyd Landesman, to get the scoop. ...

Basic Singing Skills for Barbershoppers

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Four middle aged men in khakis teach you how to warm up your voice for your next barbershop performance, wherever that happens. Brought to you by the good folks at the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement ...

ALFarchy in the UK by Joe Blevins

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ALF was in reruns this week in 1987 and so is Willie's Garage. In its place, enjoy this punk masterpiece by Joe Blevins using Willie Tanner's rant about ALF's love of anarchy.

VCR Party Live 158 – Toe-nament Results and Raw Dogging Windows!

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39 Views0 Comments​ It's the moment we've all been waiting for: an update about Steve's upcoming colonoscopy! Also, the results of the 2021 Toe-Tapping Toe-nament! Music critic, Steve Hyden dissec...

VCR Party presents The Toe-Tapping Toenament 2021 – FUNGAL FOUR!

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The VCR Party boyz are down to the final four toe-tappers of 2021! Which toe-une has what it toe-akes toe make it toe the championship? The Eyes Have It (Joe) v. Rem Lazar's "Higher" (George) Bank of Ireland (Nick) v....

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Stone Protectors with Rev. Jen Miller

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Join Joe, Nick, George and Reverend Jen Miller of the Troll Museum for a "cataclysmic" rewatch of 1993's Stone Protectors, a cartoon inspired by troll dolls and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and general 90s extreme-nes...

Special Delivery Remix by Freddy Scott

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Several years ago, Freddy Scott remixed our classic VHS find, Special Delivery, for Nerdist, then the video went missing. Here it is for the world again!​

Willie’s Garage, Ep 24 – ALFzilla

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This week in Willie's Garage, the television is broken and ALF, Nick and George are all furious because we're shut-ins and TV is our lifeline. Plus, we spotlight a homemade ALF-Godzilla action figure, a thrift store l...

VCR Party Live 157 – The Rallying Cry for a Generation of Fitness Lovers

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69 Views0 Comments​ This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, Steve and George apologize! There are videos, too, including an instructional tape for barbershop quartets, a newly unearthed Russian "Lord o...

Toe-Tapping Toe-nament 2021 – The Earworm Eight

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Special guest judge Rhys Marshall joins us all the way from Australia to determine which VHS songs and commercial jingles move onto the final four in the 2021 tournament of toe-tappers. Plus, songs that didn't make th...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – GI Joe PSAs with Jimmy Keegan!

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George worked his magic and somehow tracked down Jimmy Keegan, the guy who, as a kid, voiced Henry Bigg from The Littles and a handful of characters from the GI Joe PSAs (he was also in "Over The Top"). And thus it wa...

Willie’s Garage Ep 23 – Blueprints For Your Mausoleum

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This week in Willie's Garage, secular humanists Nick and George pay their respects to a defunct ALF theme park attraction in Germany. Then, David Leisure pops up as a gambling bookie in a 1987 episode also starring An...

VCR Party Live! Ep 156 – First Class Sass!

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Spring is in the air and that means it's time for goth public access shows! Podcast host and TV aficionado, Ken Reid, joins Joe and Nick to watch a new Dollar Bill montage, discuss local on-air weirdos and decide the ...

VCR Party presents The Toe-Tapping Toenament 2021 – ROUND 2!

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It's round 2 of the hottest competitive jingle bracket in the toe-tapping industry! This week Steve's ragtag team of tappers goes toe-to-toe with Nick's highly anticipated dream team. Legendary Melinda Mixer, Bob from...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Family Circus Easter with Jeff Keane

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Join Joe, Nick, George and Caitlin as they cue up 1982's "A Family Circus Easter" on VHS. Plus, exasperated dads in TV commercials, Dizzy Gillespie mispronunciations, and Caitlin's Easter bunny nightmare. Then, Family...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Jem! The Truly Outrageous Anti-Drug Episode with Albertina Rizzo!

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The fellaz welcome on animation writer Albertina Rizzo (and also Joe's wife) to watch the infamous anti-drug Jem episode "Alone Again," full of important messages, inspiring music and trippy anti-drug animation. Grab ...

Willie’s Garage Ep 22 – When Rap Died

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This week in Willie's Garage, Nick and George uncover a rare Easter special by ALF creator Paul Fusco! Plus, Brian's an asparagus, ALF and Lynn are rappers, and George wakes his neighbors with a Melmacian mating call....

VCR Party Live! Ep 155 – Exactamundo

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This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, George and Steve celebrate Easter with a VHS tape called "Lamb Survival," then celebrate Passover with a music video for "Seder in the U.S.A." Plus, a celebrity teaches us about boat...

VCR Party presents The Toe-Tapping Toe-Nament 2021 – ROUND 1!

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It's ROUND ONE of the most highly anticipated toe-tapping event in the VHS community! This week Joe's all-star picks go toe-to-toe with George's roster of hot hits. Judge Joe Blevins will decide which jingle, VHS tune...

VCR Party EP Mode – March Preview

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39 Views0 Comments​ Here's a sample of our weekly bonus show for Patreon backers at the $10+ monthly level. These shows are hour-long deep dives into one or more videos from our collection, often ...

Willie’s Garage, Ep 21 – George Finally Laughs

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This week in Willie's Garage, George finally laughs out loud during an episode! All it took was a full-on parody of "Rear Window" where ALF thinks Mr. Ochmonek murdered his wife. Plus, other "Rear Window" parodies on ...

VCR Party Live! Ep 154 – George’s 100th-ish Episode Surprise!

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It seems like only yesterday that a creepy man named George showed up at the VCR Party HQ doorsteps, but it was actually 100 (or so) episodes ago. Today we honor George the only way we know how: with embarrassing vide...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Life with Louie and Caitlin McGurk

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This week, Caitlin from the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library picks "Life with Louie," the 1995-97 cartoon about little Louie Anderson, and Nick selects an episode about the Green Bay Packers. Plus, we match cartoons to t...