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VCR Party Live! Episode 75 – Emmy Blotnick’s First Communion

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This week on VCR Party Live!, comedian Emmy Blotnick joins us to watch videos about First Communions, fabric painting, and Chair-A-Cising. Plus, Pinky the Cat, ear wax, and a Rambo cartoon for kids. ...

How To Meet Women In St. Louis

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This unusually specific instructional video provides insider secrets for finding St. Louis's most eligible bachelorettes, including grocery stores, nightclubs and of course, estate sales.

VCR Party’s Quarantine Qlassics, Ep. 12: Finally A Centaur Plunkett

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It’s Saturday night and that means time for some red hot Plunkett action, some nail-biting Toe-nament shockers and the most intense game of “Which Thumb Is Steve?” ever. John Haskell from Plesh Moto, The Sarah Silverm...

VCR Party Live! Ep 141 – Lucky the Horse

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It's Christmastime on VCR Party and Joe, Nick, Steve and George are serving up their latest holiday VHS finds, including one that may be the best of the year. Plus, a talking snowman, singing babies, and Lucky the Horse!

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos with Jason Waguespack

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Joe, Nick and George FINALLY get around to watching Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos and joining them on this dangerous ride is author, Jason Waguespack who actually wrote the book on Saturday morning cartoons. Plus Geor...

Making of “Let’s Ram It”

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Behind-the-scenes of the sexually suggestive football music video, "Let's Ram It," by the 1986 L.A. Rams. It's all about being positive role models.

VCR Party Live! Episode 85 – Thanksgiving Bickering, Dutch Ovens and lots of Frank Pacholski

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Joe and Nick show their thankfulness with food-related VHS tapes that include raps, hunting calls, speedos, Dutch Ovens and garbage cans. George has updates on VHS people/things and Joe a...

101 Things for Kids To Do

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Run out of things for your kids to do in quarantine? Let Shari Lewis (and her puppets) show you 101 activities, some better than others, in this 1987 VHS tape that's mostly Shari rapping.

VCR Party’s Quarantine Qlassics, Ep 15 – Chris Gethard’s Old Mexican Blanket

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We're back and more quarantined than ever! We've got a special Capodimonte Day update from Italy, then Chris Gethard (Beautiful/Anonymous podcast) joins us for an extra long edition of "Show Us Your Plunketts," featur...

Tiger Moves

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We’ve been staying in shape in quarantine exclusively by imitating a tiger. Let Brooklyn-born ex-marine John McSweeney teach you some Tiger Moves, all without the aid of a shirt!

VCR Party Live! Ep 145 – Sploshing

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This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, Steve and George have a full blown case of Pastamania! But first, they unleash flying windows, Baptist ventriloquists, cameos from Morgan Fairchild and James Brolin, spinning anvils,...

VCR Party EP Mode – March Preview

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15 Views0 Comments​ Here's a sample of our weekly bonus show for Patreon backers at the $10+ monthly level. These shows are hour-long deep dives into one or more videos from our collection, often ...

The Duttons

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A promotional reel for a family of banjo players known as The Duttons. Found in—where else?—Branson, Missouri.

VCR Party Live! Episode 40 – Joe’s Birthday Spectacular

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Joe celebrates his birthday by zapping Nick on the ass with a Rejuvenique, then we'll play Joe's all-time favorite videos.


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This 1983 ski aerobics video combines a killer soundtrack, softcore porn principles and psychedelic freakout aesthetics, ensuring that no actual exercise got done by the home viewer.

Home Haircutting for the Now 90s

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The hairdresser with the unfortunate name, Jim Jones, teaches you how to cut your family's hair at home for the "now 90s!" More on VCR Party Live! Episode 105.

VCR Party Live: Episode 122 – A Skeleton Rides A Lawnmower

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Contribute to "A Life On The Farm" Kickstarter at Director Oscar Harding joins Joe and Nick this week to screen some newly found footage from Life On The Farm (Joe & Nick's favori...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons, Ep 11: Q-Bert Thanksgiving with Nick’s Sister

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It's the Shaturday before Thanksgiving and we're celebrating the traditional way: with animated Q-Bert! Nick's sister joins the gang to talk about growing up as "latchkey kids" and watching a ton of terrible cartoons....

Nick’s All-Star Birthday Game Night

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18 Views0 Comments​ It's Nick's birthday and he's assembled a lineup of VCR Party all stars to play his new board game, DREAM CRUSH, in stores and online this week from Mondo. Find out who ends up with their ul...

VCR Party Live 157 – The Rallying Cry for a Generation of Fitness Lovers

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22 Views0 Comments​ This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, Steve and George apologize! There are videos, too, including an instructional tape for barbershop quartets, a newly unearthed Russian "Lord o...

VCR Party Live! Episode 50 – Mike Drucker & Schwing Items

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This week on VCR Party Live!, comedy writer Mike Drucker (Full Frontal with Samantha Bee), formerly of Nintendo, joins us to watch video game related VHS and play some terrible games. Plus, an important "klown doll" u...

VCR Party Live! Episode 113 – Do Not Watch If Nudity Offends You

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This week on VCR Party, Joe and Nick from the Found Footage Festival and their loyal wards, Steve and George, dive into VHS delights, including boring meetings, metalhead home movies, not one but two nude music videos...

Dollywood: A Memory Worth Repeating

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God bless Dollywood for eschewing the typical “thrills” of theme parks for things like broom making.

Jingle Joes and Nicks

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Inspired by Jingle Cats, our very own VHS creep George Pasles made this heartwarming Christmas video featuring Joe and Nick and a cameo by director Steve.