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Trendsetters – NY Public Access

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This 90s public access show hosted by Lynn Graham is focused on fashion and, even though we're just posting it now, has already inspired several new drag characters. Found by our pal Matthew Jones.

Trick And Fancy Roping Made Easy

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This video is for all the cowboys out there who wanted to learn trick roping and had VCRs. Look out for the dainty cowboy at the end.

TV’s Plunketts & Practical Thumbs

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It's a prime time celebration of the most unflattering photos ever taken! Hosted by VCR Party's Joe and Nick and featuring appearances by Steve Lawrence, George Pasles, Jo Firestone (Adult Swim), Marc Price (Family Ti...

Twelve Days Of Christmas

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Just in time to irritate you for the holidays, it's the Serendipity Singers performing the most obnoxious version of the "Twelve Days of Christmas" ever. We've just given you a sampling of the last two verses and spar...

Uh Huh

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In this 1993 video, "Greatest Hits of the Bible," singer Tom Nance belts out a catchy tune about Adam and Eve while mugging to the camera. We could have done without the flesh-colored leotard.

VCR Games

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When VHS was a new format, the possibilities were endless. Enter VCR board games, a pseudo-interactive way to play games using an onscreen narrator as a guide. This montage features Nightmare (1991), The Fisherman VCR...

VCR Party – Halloween with The Horror Geek

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104 Views0 Comments Buona Festa di Halloween! That's Happy Halloween in Italian, and on this special night, Joe and Nick welcome Mike Bracken (aka The Horror Geek) to show off clips from three Italian rip...

VCR Party , Episode 111 – The Natural Way To Meet The Right Person

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Joe, Nick, Steve and George celebrate the anniversary of the home movie, "Kirk's 40th Birthday," they tackle a viewer request for Stairway to Stardom deep cuts, learn "The Natural Way to ...

VCR Party 163 – Burpcoins & Beautiful Women

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147 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, George and Steve celebrate the 29th anniversary of Kirk's 40th Birthday, the legendary home movie found at a Salvation Army in Wisconsin. Plus, we de...

VCR Party EP Mode – March Preview

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52 Views0 Comments​ Here's a sample of our weekly bonus show for Patreon backers at the $10+ monthly level. These shows are hour-long deep dives into one or more videos from our collection, often ...

VCR Party Episode 6 – Being Berry, Berry Safe

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In this week's VCR Party, we learn how to be safe with a ghost clown, how to play guitar really fast, and whether or not you said he stole the money.

VCR Party Live 157 – The Rallying Cry for a Generation of Fitness Lovers

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79 Views0 Comments​ This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, Steve and George apologize! There are videos, too, including an instructional tape for barbershop quartets, a newly unearthed Russian "Lord o...

VCR Party Live 158 – Toe-nament Results and Raw Dogging Windows!

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41 Views0 Comments​ It's the moment we've all been waiting for: an update about Steve's upcoming colonoscopy! Also, the results of the 2021 Toe-Tapping Toe-nament! Music critic, Steve Hyden dissec...

VCR Party Live 160 – Fill Cup With Requested Beverage

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79 Views0 Comments​ In today's VCR Party Live!, all your burning questions are answered like, is Joe's eye still dripping blood? How will Steve prepare his buns for his colonoscopy? What's the dif...

VCR Party Live Ep 151 – The Movie Orgy

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This week on VCR Party, Rick Katschke invites us to The Movie Orgy, a legendary found footage compilation by Joe Dante (the director of BOTH Gremlins movies!). Plus, "Candy Pants," a mouse playing the drums, two-word ...

VCR Party Live: Episode 122 – A Skeleton Rides A Lawnmower

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Contribute to "A Life On The Farm" Kickstarter at Director Oscar Harding joins Joe and Nick this week to screen some newly found footage from Life On The Farm (Joe & Nick's favori...

VCR Party Live! – ep. 150 – A Crapload of Van Pattens

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Just when you thought you’d seen enough Dick Van Patten for the month of February, along comes episode 150. The fellas serve up even more DVP, plus apologies from Nick, surreal math by George, Menards raps by Ray, mor...

VCR Party Live! – Episode 71 – The Incredible Short Films of John Wilson

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This week on VCR Party Live!, filmmaker John Wilson show us his hilarious short films about smoking, bed bugs and a clip from his massive collection of beauty pageant videos he got on Craigslist from a former pageant ...

VCR Party Live! 162 – Very Believable Ants

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67 Views0 Comments It's time to declare the greatest jingle for each of the 50 states in the USA! Steve walks us through four favorites from his tiny little home state of Rhode Island. Plus the ca...

VCR Party Live! 164 – Check Please!

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65 Views0 Comments So many laffs, so little time! Join the VHS friends as they each do a different thing. For example, George shows everyone the best four jingles from Pennsylvania, Nick introduce...

VCR Party Live! 189 – 6 Ways To Sprice Up Your Gravy Funnel

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145 Views0 Comments Just when you thought you couldn't be any more thankful this Thanksgiving, along comes episode 189. Here's why you're going to be so thankful: Joe shows an IMG featuring a squir...

VCR Party Live! 191 – We Thank Our Lucky Stars For Plywood

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Episode 191 was a great use of everyone's time. For example, Joe watched a really long video intended for aspiring bowling league secretaries, Nick ushered in the Thicke-mas season with a Han-Thicke-uh video, Steve sh...

VCR Party Live! Ep 212 – George Is Single

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103 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, Nick unleashes three different obscure VHS clips for Star Wars Day, Joe asks whether a video is really worth getting around the Macrovision, Steve celebr...

VCR Party Live! Ep 131 – High Fiving at Kroger

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This week on VCR Party, it's high fives all around as Joe, Nick, George and Steve watch a VHS tape that may be actually cursed. Other potentially cursed videos include a signed tape called "Sing Along with Sim," a mys...