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B.B. Bunny, Part 2

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Everybody's favorite cable access rabbit is back, this time with some canine friends! Found in Tucson, Arizona.

B.B. The Christmas Bunny

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Everyone's favorite "trained" bunny, B.B., performs a Christmas "trick" involving a candy cane, then a golden retriever does the same, all at the behest of perky trainer Jenny. From a 1983 Tucson public access tape.

Babes With Machine Guns, Part 1

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This whole video, involving babes in bikinis shooting machine guns, is so good that we're doling it out in bite-sized chunks. Watch, then check out Part 2.

Babes With Machine Guns, Part 2

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The Machine Gun Babes are back with more hijinks, this time with ambitions to star in Hollywood movies! Good luck with that. Also see Part 3.

Babes With Machine Guns, Part 3

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The Machine Gun Babes are back with more hijinks, this time with ambitions to star in Hollywood movies! Good luck with that. Also see Parts 1 & 2.

Bargain Bernie: The Lost Tapes

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Holy shit! Look what we found! More outtakes from the greatest Corpus Christie-based furniture salesfamily ever! See way more Bargain Bernie on FFF Volume 4 DVD.

Barroom Brawling

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Marc "Animal" MacYoung (featured in "Self Defense Montage" in the Volume 3 DVD) is back with some friends in this homemade instructional video about winning bar fights. And yes, there's a reenactment!

Basic Singing Skills for Barbershoppers

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Four middle aged men in khakis teach you how to warm up your voice for your next barbershop performance, wherever that happens. Brought to you by the good folks at the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement ...

Basic Training for Boys

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These aren't even the weirdest scenes in the 1995 instructional tape, Basic Training for Boys. We watch the whole thing comedy writer Craig Rowin, who found the video in his college library, exclusively on Patreon. No...

Bassoon Basics

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98 Views0 Comments You'll enjoy this bassoon instructional video or my name isn't Richard Spittle!

Bathing Suit Contest

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You know how they call strip clubs "gentlemen's clubs"? Well you're about to see why. Here's a video we found simply labeled "Bathing Suit Contest" with none of the untanned private parts, and only the leering men.

Beanie Lover Video

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This video from 1998 encapsulates all the excitement and tedium of Beanie Baby collecting.

Beaver Felton

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We found this instructional video, "Superchops 4 Bass with Beaver Felton," in Toronto and have been enamored with bass guitar guru Beaver Felton ever since. Here, he explains his finger exercise techniques in a car th...

Before And After

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Not even sure where we got this one, but we like picturing the production assistant on the floor, slowly turning the office chair. More modeling/beauty on FFF Volume 5 DVD.

Being Berry, Berry Safe

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This video about saying no to strangers is hosted by a clown from Oregon named Blueberry, who is far more terrifying than any stranger we can imagine. Featured in Found Footage Festival Vol. 6.

Berenguer Boogie

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This 1987 music video tried to capitalize on the success of Juan Berenguer, a Panamanian immigrant whose killer fastball helped the Twins get to the World Series. But the Spinal Tap-like "making of" section makes you ...

Best Opening Title Sequence For A Porno Ever

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From Denmark, in German

Beverly Hills Vamp Trailer

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Our friend Cristina found the trailer to this movie on a 1989 home video release by Vidmark, a company whose previews were always better than the movie you were about to watch. This one features Grease's Eddie Deezen,...

Billy Rigg’s Grand Illusion

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This video was sent to us with a simple note reading: "I hate Billy Riggs." But there's no denying that attorneys, auditors and other professionals love Billy's unique mix of magic and motivational speaking.


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This religious exercise video from 1986 stars the chipper Marie Chapian, who recites bible verses while leading her flock of lycra-clad Christians in leg lifts. All the while, an increasingly distracting soundtrack ac...

Boating The Starboard Way

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This obnoxious video, put out in 1994 by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, tries to be educational and informative but ends up just trying way too hard to be "Beakman's World."

Brett Lamb vs. Geoff Moore

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We cut together two Christian music videos into a battle for the ages. Who is more rockingly pious? Brent Lamb or Geoff Moore. You decide.

Bubba Smith Until it Hurts

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This 1985 exercise video, filmed post-NFL and pre-"Police Academy," cemented Bubba Smith's reputation as one of the sweetest (and sweatiest) big men of all time. Rest in peace, Hightower.

Caldor Training Video

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This is a training video presenting a dramatic reenactment, but damned if this guy doesn't remind us of our first Caldor Asset Protection Manager.