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Toe-Tapping Toe-nament 2021 – The Earworm Eight

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Special guest judge Rhys Marshall joins us all the way from Australia to determine which VHS songs and commercial jingles move onto the final four in the 2021 tournament of toe-tappers. Plus, songs that didn't make th...

Tips for Self-Anal Massage (NSFW?)

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A spiritual look at self-anal massage with host Joe Kramer, who uses the word "asshole" like it's a clinical term.

Time To Save

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Released by Merrill Lynch in 1997, this obnoxious video tells teens to save their money. Did it work? Who knows. We were too busy at skateboard camp.

Tiger Moves

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We’ve been staying in shape in quarantine exclusively by imitating a tiger. Let Brooklyn-born ex-marine John McSweeney teach you some Tiger Moves, all without the aid of a shirt!

Tic-Toc Let’s Talk!

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Did everyone remember to set their clown clocks ahead one hour? If not, let Watch Dog and Clocker and friends remind you.

Thriller Dancer

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From "Stairway to Stardom," the greatest public access show in the history of television, this dance routine by Lola Perazzo is nothing short of stunning. The leotard could have left more to the imagination, but every...

This Video Is About Herpes!

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This 1996 sex education video for teens tries so hard to be hip and edgy that it ends up being more irritating than the disease it's warning you about.

There Goes A…

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Among the most common videos we find in thrift stores are tapes in the "There Goes A..." series for kids, hosted by Dave and Becky. After watching this promo, how could you not want to buy these videos?

The Word Inc.

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A promotional video for a series of lectures by mustachioed Christian speaker Dawson McAllister. God may not be impressed with Joe Popular, be we sure are.

The Video Guide To Successful Seduction

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Handsome folks from the '80s share their seduction tips. Plus, there's a sleazy reenactment thrown in for good measure. More "Seduction" on the Found Footage Festival Vol. 4 DVD.

The Video Biz!

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This instructional video by a man named Capt'n Pauly teaches you everything you need to know about starting your own video production company, including the selection of a company mascot.

The Secret Of Guest Relations

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This 1987 industrial video, found in Iowa, tells the story of a lousy nurse who gets hit by a car, goes to heaven, spies on her coworkers, then comes back to Earth. The whole thing just makes us hungry for boiled fish.

The Scintas, Live In Las Vegas

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Las Vegas mainstays The Scintas engage in some of the worst stage banter, celebrity impersonations and culturally offensive jokes.

The Real Chad Allen

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In this insider peek into the real life of former teen heartthrob Chad Allen, the "Our House" star talks about his interests, making sure to stress that girls are on that list. Another fine entry in the "Corey Haim: M...

The Puck Stops Here

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In this hockey instructional video, a very intense instructor with a mustache demands that we have more fun playing hockey. Found at a thrift store in Michigan.

The Ol Bitty Show

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We've watched this 3 a.m. Austin public access show in its entirety and we're still not sure what it's about. We just know it's basically unwatchable. Try to make it through the intro.

The Most Powerful Toilet In The World

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Bathroom technology has come a long way and this miso paste test proves we are living in the golden age of toilets.

The Making Of The Grabowski Shuffle

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A behind-the-scenes look at Mike Ditka's follow-up to the wildly successful Superbowl Shuffle music video. Instead of starring the charismatic 1986 Chicago Bears, this video stars working class folks called "Grabowski...

The Hair Mack

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We found this combination hair styling video/blaxploitation movie (running time: 55 mins.) in Detroit. In it, Cool C, the Chief Executive Officer of II Hype, teaches us how to create an easy, breezy hairstyle known as...

The Glamour Boyz

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When faced with the decision of which song to rip off--"I Need a Freak" or "Billie Jean"--The Glamour Boyz made the obvious choice--both! They just made sure to really, really rip off "Billie Jean." Found in Houston, ...

The Facts of Life with Scott Baio

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In 1987, when we still wanted Charles in charge of things, Scott Baio walked young people through puberty and somehow made it more awkward than it already is.

The Eyes Have It Supercut Superloop

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Boasting nearly 1500 utterances of “the eyes have its,” this supercut superloop features a song played during the opening and closing credits of Donna Mill's instructional makeup video, "The Eyes Have It." So turn up ...

The Expectant Father

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This 1992 video is filled with terrible parenting advice from Ed Asner, Jason Alexander, and comedian Michael Pritchard. Oh boy are we gardening!

The Duttons

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A promotional reel for a family of banjo players known as The Duttons. Found in—where else?—Branson, Missouri.