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69 Views0 Comments It's National Arizona Day on VCR Party! George presents a lineup of (mostly) Arizona toe-tappers, Joe cut together a montage of Tucson-based public access, Nick plays a Cybervid...

101 Things for Kids To Do

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Run out of things for your kids to do in quarantine? Let Shari Lewis (and her puppets) show you 101 activities, some better than others, in this 1987 VHS tape that's mostly Shari rapping.

2020 Video of the Year Honorable Mentions

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We played over 1,000 found videos on VCR Party and our spin-off shows in 2020 but only one can be named Video of the Year. Here are some honorable mentions. Watch VCR Party Ep 142 for our No. 1 video of 2020!


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Found on an old VHS tape of soap operas taped off TV, this commercial offers lonely housewives a chance to hear all the latest pre-recorded daytime TV news. It's the next best thing to being there!

A Day In Revel Grove

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This highlight reel from the 1998 Maryland Renaissance Festival should serve as a chilling warning about what goes on a Renaissance festivals.

A Family Circus Easter

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Who knew the Family Circus had an Easter special? It's no Charlie Brown Christmas, but it does feature Dizzy Gillespie as the Easter Bunny. (Warning: this song will be in your head for the next four days.)

A Girl’s World

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This 1998 educational video proved that girls could do anything they wanted to do, including having extremely stilted conversations with female pilots.

A Life on the Farm trailer

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Support the project at The Found Footage Festival is proud to announce a new documentary called "A Life On The Farm," which seeks to uncover the mysteries behind a strange videotape fo...

A Video For Your Dog

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This video, found in Ohio, was part of a big wave of home video releases in the early '90s that were intended to entertain your cat or dog. It's a genre we've dubbed "pet-nography."

A Woman’s Guide To Firearms

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Firearm training with a woman's touch, circa 1987.

ABC Fun Fit With Mary Lou Retton

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This 1985 exercise video for kids is hosted by America's pluckiest Olympian, Mary Lou Retton. Maybe a little too plucky.

Accidents Stink!

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We admire this care giver instructional video for attempting to make an unpleasant procedure entertaining, but we're not sure "bowel care" needed to be fun. The video gets a lot crazier, but you'll have to wait until ...

Acne Rap

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This shameless pitch for Retin-A acne medication tries to talk to teens on their rapping! More "Acne Rap" on the Found Footage Festival Vol. 2 DVD.

Alex Trebek Outtakes

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No host likes shooting promos, especially for a phone version of their hit game show, but Trebek did them with good humor. So long, Alex, and fuck 'em.

ALF, Slimer and George Bush Say Don’t Smoke Dope!

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140 Views0 Comments From the classic VHS free rental, Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue (1990), The Chipmunks, ALF, Slimer, Winnie the Pooh, Daffy Duck, Garfield and George Bush warn you of the dangers of d...

ALFarchy in the UK by Joe Blevins

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ALF was in reruns this week in 1987 and so is Willie's Garage. In its place, enjoy this punk masterpiece by Joe Blevins using Willie Tanner's rant about ALF's love of anarchy.

All Rapped Up

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This timely 1991 Christian anti-rap expose attacks such gangster rap luminaries as Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer in the form of, what else, a rap song.

Alphabet Soup

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In this video, found at a Salvation Army in Passaic, NJ, a couple of tolerant Weimeraner dogs are humiliated in the interest of teaching kids the alphabet. Seems like a small price to pay.

Annobin Wap Rap

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Viewer Joe Blevins remixed the theme from the Russian kids video, Annobin Wap (aka The Lilac Ball), and it blew us away. We added the visuals from the VHS tape. Hear more of Joe's handiwork at https://bothofthemmarywo...

Another Side of Jack Rebney

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Angry RV spokesman, Jack Rebney trades in his swear words for nonsensical gibberish and the words "fern" and "dock" (we don't know either), further proving that the man was truly on the brink of sanity that hot July d...

Astronauts Poop

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Jack-of-all-trades/professional genie Hard Hat Harry leads our two precocious co-hosts on a tour of NASA and also teaches that, indeed, everybody poops. But astronauts seem to poop the most.

At Home With English

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This public access show out of Austin, TX was intended as an instructional video for non-English speakers.

AV Geeks vs VCR Party Toe-Tapping Toe-nament

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The greatest toe-tapping VHS songs and jingles from VCR Party go toe-to-toe with the greatest educational film songs from AV Geeks in this no holds barred musical brawl. Who will come out on top? Join Joe, Nick, Skip ...

B.B. Bunny, Part 1

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In this video from a 1983 Tucson public access show, amateur animal trainer Jenny Getter explains how animals can be used to reform hardened criminals. Then she makes her bunny play the piano.