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VCR Party Live! Episode 13 – Grabe Gronli

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Gabe Gronli from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert joins us to watch public access and more from our home state of Wisconsin.

VCR Party Live! Episode 12 – Sing Out, America

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This week on VCR Party Live!, we've got patriotic music videos for Independence Day, plus more "bonion sergery" and tons of enormous bikini ladies with tiny men on or around them.

VCR Party Live! Episode 11 – Scott Rogowsky

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Scott Rogowsky from HQ Trivia joins us tonight on VCR Party Live! to watch "Michael Bolton's Winning Softball."

VCR Party Live! Episode 11 – For Dads Only

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This week's VCR Party Live! is for dads only. No exceptions.

VCR Party Live! Episode 9 – Jo Firestone

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Tonight Show writer Jo Firestone joins us to talk St. Louis, child beauty pageants, and bruised bananas. Plus, more "bonion sergery."

VCR Party Live! Episode 8 – Fish School

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This week on VCR Party Live!, watch a goldfish score a soccer goal! A goldfish! Scoring a goddamned soccer goal!

VCR Party Live! Episode 7 – Trashcan Cinema

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In this week's VCR Party Live, Robert Austin from Trashcan Cinema joins us to show off movies that time forgot, plus we watch more "bonion sergery" and pay tribute to Memorial Day with unseen footage from a found home...

VCR Party Episode 6 – Being Berry, Berry Safe

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In this week's VCR Party, we learn how to be safe with a ghost clown, how to play guitar really fast, and whether or not you said he stole the money.

VCR Party Live! Episode 5

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In this week's episode of VCR Party Live!, we watch a training video for altar boys, a car care video featuring shirtless hunks, and another segment of the mysterious "bonion sergery" tape.

VCR Party Live! Episode 4 – David Cross

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David Cross joins us on the couch to watch some videos from his personal stash.

VCR Party Live! Episode 3

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Tonight's show features a great Crispin Glover story, Midwestern parades and beauty pageants, plenty of fantastic bloopers, and one male nipple piercing. Streamed 5/1/18.

VCR Party Live! Episode 2

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In this week's episode of VCR Party Live!, Robert Klein teaches us how to do your taxes in 1987, a pot-smoking dinosaur intercepts the DEA, and Skip Elsheimer from A/V Geeks shakes hands with danger. Streamed 4/17/18.

VCR Party Live! Episode 1

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Here's the first official episode of our weekly live experiment. This one features an update on Slim Goodbody, a machine gun-toting gambling expert, and how to eat watermelon in front of your boss. Subscribe to our Yo...

VCR Party Live! Episode 0

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Here's the test show of our new weekly internet show, VCR Party Live! Tune into to our YouTube channel every Tuesday at 9pm ET to watch videos from our VHS strewn office in Brooklyn, New York.

Chop & Steele Lawsuit Update

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The lawsuit is over! Thank you so much for helping us fight this thing and keep the Found Footage Festival afloat for the past year. We are eternally grateful for your support. Read the full update here.

Hail Satan

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We find a lot of videos warning against the dangers of Satanism and they all come from the 1980s, which I guess was Satan's favorite decade. Find out how Old Scratch has infiltrated talk shows, UPC codes, children's t...

Songs That’ll Get Stuck In Your Head Forever

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The songs on these musical VHS tapes have been in our heads for over a decade and now we're passing them onto you: "Don't Talk To Strangers" from Safety 4 Kids, "Candy Pants" from preacher Lionel Davis, "Totally Tulip...

Mind Your Manners

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Whether you're prepping for an important business luncheon or trying to frighten your children into good manners with a costumed beast, these found VHS tapes should help: Table Manners: Doing It Right, The Manners Mon...

Found Footage Fest at Fringe – A Look At The Numbers

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The Found Footage Festival is playing Edinburgh Festival Fringe Aug. 3rd-27th, 2017 at Underbelly Cowgate. Click here for tickets.

Fun with Ventriloquism

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We found a dozen different ventriloquism how-to videos at a Goodwill in Atlantic City. Was Liz Seggen's 1992 VHS tape, "Fun with Ventriloquism," the best? Hell n'yeah!

Here Come The Hunks!

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Hunks were everywhere in the 80s, hunking it up in their limos and bathtubs, but now they're an endangered species. Enjoy this selection of bona fide hunks on VHS, including Playgirl's Morning Workout, Thor on the Mer...

The Best of Harassment

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We've found a lot of sexual harassment awareness videos at thrift stores over the years and we've realized one thing: workplace harassment is no joke but community theater-level reenactments of workplace harassment ar...

Chop and Steele in North Dakota

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Highlights from our appearance as Chop & Steele on KX News in Bismarck, North Dakota. Please support the Chop & Steele Legal Defense Fund on GoFundMe:

Muscle Motion Chippendales Exercise Video

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We've found a lot of hunk videos before, but 1988's "Muscle Motion," starring the men of Chippendales, takes the (beef)cake. More on FFF Volume 8.

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