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VCR Party Live! Ep 241 – Talking Turkey On Inflation

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3 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, we give thanks to the weirdos of the VHS era with clips holiday leftovers, dancing Native Americans, potato wreaths, and uncooperative turkeys. Plus, Sam...

Driver 23 Official Trailer

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Behold the rock doc of all rock docs! This legendary tape-traded classic has finally resurfaced and now you can own the most coveted video that traveled with Pearl Jam on their tour bus! This is the "American Movie" o...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Pandamonium with Caitlin McGurk

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This week, the Shaturday Mysteries Gang meets an evil wizard, an exploding space pyramid, three talking pandas, and teenage siblings with a credit card. They must be watching the 1982 cartoon Pandamonium, guest starri...

VCR Party Live! Ep 240 – Looking Forward To Cracking Up

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24 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, we look back at a deep cut from Gallagher's career in the 90s, rap along with Larry "Bud" Melman, unearth a roller skating home movie from Ohio, and send...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – The Beatles Cartoon!

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3 Views0 Comments As a band, The Beatles did a lot of things right, but cartoon-wise, the jury is still out. Lennonology author and Beatles expert, Scott Raile join the Shat Boys to discuss the B...

VCR Party Live! Ep 239 – Go Take A Shower

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40 Views0 Comments It's Election Day and we won't have live results but we will have live VHS clips of voting puppets, goth mentalists, drinking buddies, and Olsen Twins. Plus, outrageous campaign...

Lenora’s Midnight Rental – Ep 3 – A Love Letter to John Carpenter

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Here's a Halloween hangover episode of Midnight Rental to help keep the post-Halloween blues at bay with a big Love Letter to John Carpenter! Welcome to 'Midnight Rental'! Hosted by late night horror hostess Lenora, w...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Weird Al’s Fatman

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28 Views0 Comments This week, bonafide Al-heads Nick, Joe, George and Gabe Gronli of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert watch a couple episodes of the Fatman cartoons from 1997's The Weird Al Show...

VCR Party’s Foxy Unboxing Show – Ep 5

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8 Views0 Comments In this week's boxy unfoxing, we rip cardboard boxes to shreds and find tapes about dream horses, horror dentistry and your baby’s baptism. Best of all, we receive the Scrappy R...

VCR Party Live! ep 238 – Halloween Costume Contest Results!

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26 Views0 Comments Every year the VCR Party halloween costume contest gets bigger and more ambitious and this year’s entries might be the best (or worst?) so far. What’s more, the fellas have some...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Teen Wolf with Mark Breese

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37 Views0 Comments Just in time for Halloween, the Shaturday Boys invite video editor and FFF collaborator Mark Breese to watch the goofy and spooky 1986 Teen Wolf cartoon. This hair-raising episo...

Strange Tapes Strange Show, Ep 15 – Black VVideo

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Scott Miller from the Strange Tapes zine hosts this special series on the FFF channel. In Episode 15, he watches unusual clips with video archivist and distributor, Shea Mossefin of Black VVideo. Check out more from S...

VCR Party Live! Ep. 237 – Halloween Spooktacular 2022

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29 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, George and Steve reveal their VHS-based costumes. Plus, terrifying puppets, awkward flying windows, hunks dressed like executioners, and the m...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Camp Candy!

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62 Views0 Comments The Shaturday crew collectively dip their toes into Camp Candy, a cartoon that John Candy produced, voiced and even sang in! Oh and he's gonna teach you about fish too! Plus rou...

VCR Party Live! Ep. 236 – Sex Cadillac

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57 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, Hunktober continues with a video about the making of the 1997 Cosmo men's calendar and some Canadian Muscle Hunks. Plus, we uncover the mystery of a tape called...

Lenora’s Midnight Rental – Ep 2 – Horror Movie Sequels Set in Space

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We've got a King-sized candy bar version of 'Midnight Rental' for you this time! Episode 2 of Midnight Rental is taking a look at a very specific area in film: Horror Movie Sequels Set in Space! Get ready to blast off...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Rickety Rocket with Roy Miles

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13 Views0 Comments This week, Nick, Joe, George and guest Roy Miles blast off with Rickety Rocket and the gang! Four mystery-solving in teens in outer space, along with their cowardly sentient roc...

VCR Party Live! Ep 235 – Do The Shimmy Slide

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51 Views0 Comments This week, we pay tribute to Angela Lansbury with some highlights from her 1988 wellness video, "Positive Moves," plus VHS clips featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Victoria's Secr...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Extreme Dinosaurs with Rebecca Dart

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20 Views0 Comments Acclaimed artist Rebecca Dart (My Little Pony) returns to the Shaturday Shack to evaluate the scientific accuracy of the mercifully extinct 1997 cartoon Extreme Dinosaurs. Long ...

VCR Party Live! Ep 234 – Chuck Drinkwater

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61 Views0 Comments It's the first week of Hunktober and Nick celebrates with sizzling VHS clips from Males In Motion, pizza craving beefcakes, and The Village People. Plus, George cues up a bizarr...

Strange Tapes Strange Show, Ep 14 – Weird Paul

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Scott Miller from the Strange Tapes zine hosts this special series on the FFF channel. In episode 14, he watches unusual video clips with prolific lo-fi musician/video archivist/internet personality, Weird Paul Petros...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Swamp Thing with Laura Wimbels

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Special guest star Laura Wimbels of Lenora’s Midnight Rental and The Big Bad B-Movie Show joins the Shaturday Boys to make incisive observations about the 1991 Swamp Thing cartoon. If you thought you’d seen it all, we...

VCR Party Live! ep 233 – Texas State Jingles!

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24 Views0 Comments Things get heated for the VCR Party boyz this week as Steve compiles the always contentious state jingles, featuring boot-tappers from Texas. Then Joe points out an embarrassing...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Mutant League

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10 Views0 Comments Are you ready for some football? Some Mutant League football? Josh Schafer from Lunchmeat VHS lends us his VHS copy of the 1994 syndicated cartoon featuring skeletons, lizard me...