Cost: $15.00

Thursday, Apr 16, 2020 @ 7:30pm

Alamo Drafthouse Twin Cities

9060 Hudson Rd, Woodbury


The Found Footage Festival, the acclaimed touring showcase of odd and hilarious found videos, is coming to the Twin Cities to debut its new show, VCR Party. Hosts Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, whose credits include The Onion and The Colbert Report, will unveil an all-new show based on their popular internet series on April 16th at the Alamo Drafthouse (9060 Hudson Rd, Woodbury), showtime TBA. Tickets are $15 and will go on sale one month before the show.

The Found Footage Festival is a one-of-a-kind celebration of the videos that time forgot, dredged up in dusty thrift stores and estate sales throughout North America. Childhood friends Pickett and Prueher take audiences on a guided tour of their latest and greatest VHS finds, providing live commentary and where-are-they-now updates on the people in these videotaped obscurities.

Highlights of the VCR Party show include:
•A diabetes video hosted by a stubborn Wilford Brimley
•Foul-mouthed outtakes from Richard Simmons, Alex Trebek, and Siskel & Ebert
•A clown singing about the sport of “skateboard surfing”
•20 years worth of local commercials from Huntsville, Alabama
•Live versions of regular segments from the VCR Party YouTube show: Joe’s Tedium Corner, Nick’s Excitement Corner, Tape Trading Classics and Nice Things
•Plus, trivia games, prizes, and other surprises

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