Cost: $15.00

Thursday, Jan 16, 2020 @ 7:30pm

Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn

445 Albee Square W, Brooklyn


Joe Pickett (The Onion) and Nick Prueher (The Colbert Report) from the Found Footage Festival show off their latest and greatest VHS finds in this exclusive show for the Alamo Drafthouse. Featuring a diabetes video hosted by a stubborn Wilford Brimley, foul-mouthed outtakes from Richard Simmons, a clown singing about the sport of “skateboard surfing,” a bowling hypnosis tape, and 20 years worth of local commercials from Huntsville, Alabama, plus special guests, trivia with prizes, and live versions of regular segments from their popular internet show: Joe’s Tedium Corner, Nick’s Excitement Corner, and Nice Things.

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