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Last Monday night, we invited “The Legendary Rock Warrior” Jon Mikl Thor (featured in the Hunks montage on FFF Vol. 3) to the VanCity Theater in Vancouver. We chatted with him before the show and he seemed like a kind, humble, soft-spoken guy. But once he stormed on stage, we instantly recognized him as the Thor we know and love. We didn’t have a hot water bottle for him to blow up or a steel bar for him to bend with his teeth, so we asked him to break the only thing we had available: a VHS tape.

Some fun facts about Thor:

-He legally had his name changed to “Thor”

-First Canadian to win both Mr. Canada and Mr. USA titles

-He’s blown up over 3000 hot water bottles

-He know longer blows up hot water bottles because of the health risks. He’s been knocked unconscious and nearly blinded.

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