A few months ago, Tim Harrington was a guest at our monthly “VCR Party” at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Anyone knowing Tim as the singer of Les Savy Fav knows that he is just about the greatest frontman in rock ‘n’ roll there is. But Tim is also a very funny video maker, as you are about to see here, in “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” More of Tim’s videos can be seen here.



This blog post is sponsored by the C3 convention, who wish to remind you, but don’t want to bother you, that it’s time again for Calm Com Con! The Calm Communication Convention! Featuring shock jock Garrison Keilor and Calmakazi the world’s only mellow Kiss tribute act.


Calm Com Con – watch more funny videos

After an incredible European tour in 2012, we will make our triumpant return in March with an all-new show created especially for audiences in the UK and Ireland. Featuring newly found VHS training videos, home movies, instructional tapes, exercise videos, public access footage, and several gems we dug up in England last year. Two weeks only–mark your calendars!

Here’s just a small sample of what is in store…



Found Footage Festival’s 2013 UK/Ireland Tour

18th March – 8 p.m. – Dublin, Ireland – The Sugar Club

19th March – 8 p.m. – Belfast, Northern Ireland – The Black Box

20th March – 9 p.m. – Edinburgh, Scotland – Cameo Picturehouse

21st March – 9 p.m. – Glasgow, Scotland – Grosvenor Cinema

22nd March – 9 p.m. – Liverpool, England – Picturehouse at FACT

23rd March – 9 p.m. – Leeds, England – Hyde Park Picturehouse

24th March – 9 p.m. – Manchester, England – Jabez Clegg

25th March – 9 p.m. – Birmingham, England – The Electric Cinema

26th March – 9 p.m. – Bristol, England – Watershed

27th-30th March – 9:30 p.m. – London, England – Soho Theatre


And check out this incredible poster created by Simon Turner from Liverpool!


Sometimes you shouldn’t do much exploring backstage at old theaters. You never know when you’ll come across a filth bucket. This big bucket of disgustingness was found backstage in Lawrence, KS.

We’re popping this one in today.

Whoa! Check out this great pic reposted by Skip Elshmeir of A/V Geeks from Spooky and totally awesome!


Hollywood must have been running out of things to talk about, because Nick and Joe were guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, talking about VHS and showing some of our favorite videos.

Here’s part 1:

And here’s part 2:

Have we found any good videos in the UK?

You could say that. (Thanks, Engelburt, for digging this up in Leeds!)

Update: We showed this around everywhere we went in the UK, but people recognized neither her tits nor arse. Famous our arse!

Just played a game called the Painstation at the Computer Game Museum in Berlin. It burns you, shocks you or whips you if your Pong ball gets past your paddle. First person to pull their hand away loses. I won. My hand lost.




Queensbury Hotel, Brighton, England. Lovely hotel, not much of a view (unless you’re into ladders).

Alaska is perhaps America’s last untapped wilderness, a bounty of remarkable and amazing natural resources, and I’m talking strictly about its thrift stores. We just got back from a great week of shows in our 49th state and are happy to report that we struck VHS gold. Our favorite thrift store in the world, the Bishop’s Attic in Anchorage, did not dissapoint. We picked up 80 tapes there, most of which we had never seen anywhere else.

Finds included this sports blooper video, which begs the question: When did swimsuits become a sport?

And this video, which proves that what’s on the label (left) isn’t always what’s inside (right).

Best of all, the entire shopping cart full of tapes cost only $8 (10-cents a video). Thank you, Bishop’s Attic!

But for all of Alaska’s charms, its hotels left a little to be desired. As we often do, we tried to save money by staying at the cheapest places around, regardless of whether they rented by the hour or looked like flophouses for transients. This actually prompted a new photo series that we will keep going all year on tour: The View From Our Shitty Motel Room. Here are the first three entries.

Arctic Inn by the Flight Deck Lounge in Anchorage

Denali Rainbow Village RV Park & Motel. This one is actually halfway decent.

This one is actually a tiny, hot cabin at a placed called Salmon Bake in Denali

Despite our living conditions, we closed out the trip with a bang by going to a shooting range and firing a military grade machine gun.

We came to Alaska as boys. We left as men. See you next year!

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