Sorry, Cara, but we’re loyal to Fetal Photos by Terry Richardson.




Paid a final visit to the “Late Show” today, partly to see the place before the sledgehammers come out on Thursday but mainly to pick up the last batch of tapes from “Dave’s Video Collection.” We are extremely grateful that Nick’s friends at the show, Tom Foster, Steve Young, Randi Grossack and others, have entrusted the Found Footage Festival to be the stewards of this archive of weird videos. Rest assured, we’ll give it a good home.



One of our favorite, and most popular, clips, titled “Special Delivery: Whelping” has drawn the attention of a couple musicians/comedians who have given the clip the remix treatment. The folks over at Nerdist tapped Freddy Scott, who has worked on the music for several Nerdist Presents videos, to create a remixed video that he both edited and provided the music for based on our clip. After seeing “Special Delivery,” it will be quite obvious that Freddy’s musical choice is spot on.

The other remix is from WTFBrahh, who give it a bit more of the auto-tune effect. Watch them both, then decide which remix you and your bitch like best.

Oh man, we saw some incredible footage last week from “Industrial Musicals,” a collection of Broadway-style corporate presentations from the 50s, 60s and 70s archived by our friend Steve Young. We may try to bring some of this footage on the road this year but in the meantime check out recordings of GE’s “I’ve Got A Wide Range of Features” and American Standard’s “My Bathroom.”






In April the FFF heads to England for a two-week tour, including four nights in London with our pals at The Brooklyn Brewery. Join us for a cheeky good time. All the details are on our tour page.



Just imagine waking up every morning to this mess in your bedroom.



Over in Germany (maybe we’ve got that wrong) is a German graffiti artist who’s been collecting and showcasing a very important collection of audio cassette tapes and sharing them with the world over at Last week, Gizmodo did a nice spotlight on the site. The piece starts, “It’s hard to remember a time where our musical picks weren’t contained in a Spotify playlist.” No it isn’t. No it isn’t.

Read the Gizmodo store here and enjoy some of these pics, courtesy of






Last night, Found Footage Festival played the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee and guess who was there? Tom Lewandowski of the Tom Lewandowski Show featured in our Volume 7 DVD! Tom is our all-time favorite high school talk show host. What an honor it was for us!

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 12.23.53 PM

If only we knew whatever happened to Neil Duda…

In honor of our Volume 7 show in Miami, we commissioned Jacy Catlin to make a poster for us. Couldn’t be more thrilled with the results!



Boy, to be a fly on the wall for some of those teen conversations about liver wellness.