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On the occasion of his latest film, The Dundee Project, filmmaker pal Mark Borchardt (Coven) has curated a great selection of films at Scarecrow Video in Seattle. Stop by if you’re near there or just read his thoughts below.

Mark writes:

“I was pleased when asked to curate a special section of personal picks on the shelves of the venerated Scarecrow Video. This afforded me an opportunity to showcase my cinematic enthusiasms to an audience that might appreciate those particular filmic insights. My essential interest in cinema has resided in the American experimental narrative era of the late 60’s through the early 70’s, as well as the European art cinema offerings of the mid-century. If you dig filmmaking and the theoretical ponderings that reside among its makers, be sure to check out William Greaves’s Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One. What a wonderful foray into the intellectual process of a 16mm outing that defines what meta is all about. And be sure to catch Dennis Hopper in one heck of a doc, The American Dreamer, as it captures all his wild, glorious, determined doings as Hopper struggles in his own abyss to complete editing on his opus, The Last Movie.

Welles and Bergman have always been my guys. Little seen but fantastic in its own right, is Welles’s F For Fake, an ode to the smoke and mirrors of life and art, as well as film itself. This of course brings us up to his posthumous offering The Other Side of the Wind, a must-see for any cinephile. Its been a long wait but that film only goes to prove that patience is a virtue. Bergman rocks the house of existential angst with PersonaHour of the Wolf, and Scenes from a Marriage on these shelves. Which reminds me of our man on this side of the shores, John Cassavetes. He’s given us riveting parables of social intercourse from Shadows to Faces and of course, A Woman Under the Influence.

There are so many dynamic, affecting films at hand that each deserves their own additional accolades, but time is tight and one must continue to roll in many directions. I’ll leave the scene with a reminder to check out my latest venture, The Dundee Project which is enjoying a recent release. In it, I try to capture the essence of a small town under siege of other-worldly happenings (or so it’s suspected). Heedless of the actualities at hand, various colorful characters weigh in regarding alien visitations as they anticipate more to come. And with that I give you whole-hearted thanks for your patronage and offer you nothing but the best in life and cinema…”

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