We’re excited to announce that Found Footage Festival has joined up with Brooklyn Brewery again this year and will appear in 12 American and European cities as part of The Brooklyn Brewery Mash, America’s largest traveling food and arts festival. The Mash is a week of parties, comedy, concerts, pup-up supperclubs and readings, all featuring humanity’s favorite beverage.


Click here to see when The Mash hits your spot on the globe. And check out this incredibly cool Mash trailer made by Brooklyn-based Transient Pictures.


Our friends Jeff Krulik and John Heyn, producers of the legendary Heavy Metal Parking Lot, have something to be proud of this week. The 1986 short “doc” about a bunch of heavy metal fans hanging out in the parking lot before a Judas Priest concert in Maryland has been turned into a drinking game by the folks at Indiewire/SnagFilms. It gets better. They’ve also created a quiz to find out which Heavy Metal fan you are: Dave, Graham (like a gram of dope), Scab Chick, Glen Burnie Girl, Kill Em All Dude, Red Bandana Guy, Zebra Man or Air Guitar Guy. Take the quiz here.


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We here at Found Footage Festival were heartened to read this article from The Atlantic. Did you know that 58% of Americans still have a VCR in their home. Read the full article here. And God bless America!



Last month, partly in preparation for the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Vegas this week, Gallup polled Americans about the technologies they use in their homes. It then compared its findings to Americans’ responses to the same questions posed to them in 2005.

Some of the takeaways: Cable TV has the same penetration in 2013—68 percent—as it did in 2005. Some 45 percent of Americans retain their non-smartphone cells. Some 73 percent of them have wifi in their homes—which, given Pew’s 2013 finding that 85 percent of Americans have used the Internet at all, seems extraordinarily high.

One other stat that seems high: 58 percent of Americans still have a VCR in their homes. This number is declining (in 2005, 88 percent said the same thing), but it’s worth noting nonetheless: Even as Blockbuster closes, even as DVDs and Blu-rays and streamed-from-the-cloud videos have superseded the humble cassette tape, more than half of Americans are holding on to their VHS players. Likely this is because of one of the inefficiencies of analog tech: Things being things, if you have a VHS tape you want played, you will need a VCR to do the playing. Those home movies from 1987 aren’t going to play themselves.

VCRs’ half life might also have to do with the fact that, as machines, they aren’t that big—easily tucked away in a garage or basement or attic.

There’s also the outlying theory that people invested so much time into programming their VCRs—figuring out, for example, how to get its clock to stop claiming that it’s always 12:00—that they were particularly loathe to part with them.

Regardless, Gallup’s finding is a reminder that, despite our collective obsession with innovation,  even gadgets that are decidedly un-innovative remain with us long after our romance with them ends. They stay, if not in our hearts, then in our homes—mostly unused, maybe, but not discarded.


Here’s a new but old video that is near and dear to our hearts. We taped this show, “Disney World: One Kid’s Opinion,” off local public access TV in high school (c. 1992) and got obsessed with it. I can’t tell you how many quotes from DW:OKO have worked their way into our daily vocabularies (“I love it, I love it…oh yes, I love it,” “A robot who’s never flown before”). We recently had the honor of welcoming the “kid,” Mark (age 34), to our show in Madison, WI, and he was charming, funny, and kind enough to reenact his famous eye roll for a packed crowd. We’ve made an animated gif of the original eye roll (below) that you can share with anyone who happens to be annoying you. Enjoy and have a 5-Mickey day!




We’re excited to be bringing the very special FFF show “Public Access Explosion” to Philadelphia on Sunday, November 10 at Underground Arts. Jeff “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” Krulik will be our special guest.  Jeff worked for a cable access station in Maryland for most of the ’80s, so his collection of public access trainwrecks is not to be missed. This show is part of the Brooklyn Brewery’s Mash series—a traveling celebration of beer, books, beer, food, beer, music, beer, comedy, beer, and beer.



Well, we won the VHS battle against Everything Is Terrible in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, during the Brightest Young Thing’s Bentzen Ball. We crushed them is the nice way of putting it. We totally destroyed them, 12-1, is a more accurate way to put it.


FFF may have won the audience’s hearts, but Everything is Terrible won the battle of spectacular costumes! You know what they say, grotesque caricature is the sincerest form a flattery.






Friends of and collaborators to Found Footage Festival, Jeff Krulik (Heavy Metal Parking Lot) and Greg DeLiso directed and edited, respectively, this weird little documentary about the Maryland man behind Norma’s Jeans, a mail-order memorabilia store with some serious one-of-a-kind items.


This is probably the most fun we’ve had on a podcast, sharing the stories of the worst shows we’ve ever done on Worst Gig Ever.



All bets are off when likeminded brothers-in-arms Nick and Joe from the Found Footage Festival ”step behind the swinging saloon doors” with a bevy of brutal beauties!  These cultivated curators of only the coolest and craziest VHS ephemera touch on the time they put on their video/comedy show in a technical school cafeteria during lunch and how they’ve competed with televised football and mechanical bulls games at sports bars, as well as all of the technical foibles that happen along the way.  We also go deep into their love and fascination with this outdated media format, the band-like intensity that goes into their touring schedule, and why the term “VHS players” makes us want to gag.  Be kind and rewind this week’s episode of WORST GIG EVER!





Major props on the title. Thanks to Erik from Minneapolis for donating this one to the cause.

Well, we did it. And it went well if you ask us. We premiered a new segment on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, called “Do Not Watch List,” during which we showed off some of our favorite VHS footage. In this installment, we show Jimmy some of our favorite singers, musicians, ventriloquists, and electrified beauty masks.

Here’s Part 1 of 2:


And here’s Part 2 of 2:

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