Friends, the lawsuit is officially over. After almost a full year of Gray TV aggressively pursuing their losing cause, they finally wised up and settled. This is a big win for us. Gray TV was asking us to cover all of their legal fees, for us to make a public apology, and all sorts of other preposterous things and, because of your generous donations, we were able to hire a lawyer and stand up to them. Every single dollar you donated at GoFundMe went to pay our legal bills and keep us afloat over the past year. The lawsuit was dismissed “with prejudice,” meaning it cannot be retried, and this sets an important precedent for others who want to point out the absurdity of the news, whether they’re wearing Zubaz workout pants or not.

Joe and I cannot thank you enough for all your support over the past year. The Found Footage Festival would not have been able to continue if it weren’t for your contributions, so from the bottom of our hearts, thanks. We talk about some of the highlights/lowlights from the lawsuit in the video but we are happy to answer any questions over or Facebook as well. Vice News is also doing a piece on the whole thing this week, so stay tuned for an update on where to find that.

We are reinvigorated and will redouble our efforts to put news stations to the test in the dumbest way possible. Will a particularly incompetent cat trainer make the rounds on local stations later this year? Time will tell. In the meantime, thanks again and, as always, give thanks for strengths!

-Nick & Joe

Here’s our interview on Tosh.0 last night for those who don’t have cable (e.g. everyone except our parents)




Hosts Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher return with an eighth installment of VHS relics they’ve salvaged from thrift stores, garage sales and garbage cans across the country. Found Footage Festival: Volume 8 highlights include a collection of satanic panic videos from the 80s, a star-studded Desert Storm parade sponsored by Taco Bell, outtakes and on-air bloopers from over ten years of North Dakota local news, and selections from David Letterman’s Video Collection, inherited by the Found Footage Festival when Dave retired. Recorded live in front of a sold-out audience at The Bell House in Brooklyn on February 24th, 2017. Watch the trailer.

North Dakota News • 101 Jesuses • Party Planner Guide • How To Have Sex • North Dakota News • VHS Cover Slideshow • Dave’s Video Collection • Police School • Exercise Video Montage • Urine • Hail Satan • New Age Miracles • Looking Better With Phyllis Diller • Local Commercials • Porno Project • Chop & Steele

* This offer expires 3/3/17. All DVDs ship free in the U.S. Expected release date of DVD is March 31.

Spoiler alert: The Ghostbuster is a she. The Ghostbuster has always been a she. And there’s a lot more zazz than in the 1984th original.

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No words could do these found band publicity photos justice, so we won’t bother to even try. Enjoy these band pics below, then head over to to see them all. We wee sorta surprised not to see Knight Crawler nor Panther among the band photos.








Look at us! Inside the prop room of the scumdogs of the universe, the mighty Gwar. Inside the masks smelled like a hatred for all things living.



Sorry, Cara, but we’re loyal to Fetal Photos by Terry Richardson.




Paid a final visit to the “Late Show” today, partly to see the place before the sledgehammers come out on Thursday but mainly to pick up the last batch of tapes from “Dave’s Video Collection.” We are extremely grateful that Nick’s friends at the show, Tom Foster, Steve Young, Randi Grossack and others, have entrusted the Found Footage Festival to be the stewards of this archive of weird videos. Rest assured, we’ll give it a good home.



One of our favorite, and most popular, clips, titled “Special Delivery: Whelping” has drawn the attention of a couple musicians/comedians who have given the clip the remix treatment. The folks over at Nerdist tapped Freddy Scott, who has worked on the music for several Nerdist Presents videos, to create a remixed video that he both edited and provided the music for based on our clip. After seeing “Special Delivery,” it will be quite obvious that Freddy’s musical choice is spot on.

The other remix is from WTFBrahh, who give it a bit more of the auto-tune effect. Watch them both, then decide which remix you and your bitch like best.

Oh man, we saw some incredible footage last week from “Industrial Musicals,” a collection of Broadway-style corporate presentations from the 50s, 60s and 70s archived by our friend Steve Young. We may try to bring some of this footage on the road this year but in the meantime check out recordings of GE’s “I’ve Got A Wide Range of Features” and American Standard’s “My Bathroom.”






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