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We Built This Starbucks – Jefferson Starbucks

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75 Views0 Comments This parody song was actually performed live at the Starbucks Licensed Stores Awards ceremony, a celebratory/motivational leadership conference, in 2005, then given out as a sou...

Pizza Hut P’Zone Training Video

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569 Views0 Comments Nick got a tip that his hometown Pizza Hut was dumping all its old VHS training videos so his parents stopped by and rescued them. Here's one for the unforgettable P'Zone (c. 20...

VCR Party’s Quarantine Qlassics: Ep 3 – Animal Penises & Sudden Birth with Skip Elsheimer

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We're still quarantined and coming to you from our homes with special guest Skip Elsheimer of A/V Geeks, who shows off some educational films from his renowned collection, including "The ABC's of Sex Education for Tra...

VCR Party Live! Episode 69 – Pastor Gas

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This week on VCR Party Live!, we watch a homemade exercise video starring a man named Zar, more from a 1982 beauty pageant for men in England, the legendary "Pastor Gas" tape traded video, and we read some erotic fan ...

VCR Party Live! Episode 66 – The Wedding Video

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This week on VCR Party Live!, a sexy lava lamp video, "The Laughing Yogi," a kids video about carrots, a legendary compilation of videos from a wedding videographer, Joe's Tedium Corner, and our tribute to America's F...

VCR Party Live! Episode 35 – Steve Young & Industrial Musicals

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Steve Young (Letterman, The Simpsons) joins us to talk about the rarest of footage - industrial musicals - and the new documentary, Bathtubs Over Broadway. Plus, we dig deep into Dave Let...

VCR Party Live! Episode 30 – 2018 Midterm Election Special

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This week on VCR Party Live!, it's the Midterm Election Special where two Wendy's training videos duke it out to be the show's comptroller. Plus, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Russian folk tales. Watch VCR Party Live! ...

VCR Party Live! Episode 21 – Labor Day Spectacular

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This week on VCR Party Live!, we belatedly celebrate Labor Day with videos from the workplace. Watch VCR Party Live! live every Tuesday night at 9pm ET at and

VCR Party Live! Episode 13 – Grabe Gronli

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Gabe Gronli from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert joins us to watch public access and more from our home state of Wisconsin. Watch VCR Party Live! live every Tuesday night at 9pm EST...

VCR Party Live! Episode 2

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In this week's episode of VCR Party Live!, Robert Klein teaches us how to do your taxes in 1987, a pot-smoking dinosaur intercepts the DEA, and Skip Elsheimer from A/V Geeks shakes hands with danger. Watch VCR Part...

The Best of Harassment

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We've found a lot of sexual harassment awareness videos at thrift stores over the years and we've realized one thing: workplace harassment is no joke but community theater-level reenactments of workplace harassment ar...

It Only Takes A Second

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This workplace safety video was found at a video duplication company in Minneapolis. Apparently, it was supposed to scare you into being safe. Available on the FFF Vol. 1 DVD.

Silent Partners: Preventing Shoplifting

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Host Michael McCaffrey leads us on a journey into the sordid world of shoplifting and imparts his own home-spun wisdom on the subject, telling us to give all would-be criminals gooooooood customer service.

Harrassment Comedy

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Everyone's a comedian, right? These clips culled from various workplace harassment videos show that on-the-job jokes are "No Laughing Matter." Except when they're hilarious. Watch more hilarious harassment in FFF Volu...

Glue Man

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Nick Douglas is a documentary filmmaker’s best friend. He is a “professional expert,” a talking head that can glue everything together, a man who’s always got the perfect sound bite for any documentary, whether it’s a...

I’m A Spoon

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Watch this clip from a video called "Your Perfect Shape!" and learn how to dress right for your body shape. Me, I'm a spoon.

The Appointment…With Death

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This Christian film from Jonesboro, Arkansas, shows what happens when you live a secular life in a newspaper office staffed almost entirely by bearded men. Namely, that a harbinger of death (or Jesus himself?) shows u...

Rap Montage

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Hip-hop was born on the streets of the Bronx but was quickly co-opted by white kids in the suburbs, corporations, sitcom stars, pregnant ladies, Jewish mothers and Christian pirates. Featuring Blazin Hazen, Alyssa Mil...

Training Video Montage

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This collection features training videos from the 80s/90s that were either found, donated, or stolen by us, including "fun" corporate indoctrination from Jewel Supermarket, Wendy's, Arby's, and Chick-fil-A. Even more ...

A Day In Revel Grove

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This highlight reel from the 1998 Maryland Renaissance Festival should serve as a chilling warning about what goes on a Renaissance festivals.

Conflict In The Workplace

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This reenactment from a conflict resolution video depicts a common workplace argument over rock & roll. Turn your computer speakers up, because if it's too loud, you're too old.

Astronauts Poop

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Jack-of-all-trades/professional genie Hard Hat Harry leads our two precocious co-hosts on a tour of NASA and also teaches that, indeed, everybody poops. But astronauts seem to poop the most.

Real Wisconsin Cheese

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In this waitstaff training video called "The Appetizer Advisor" waiters are encouraged to sell more appetizers to make more in tips.

Billy Rigg’s Grand Illusion

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This video was sent to us with a simple note reading: "I hate Billy Riggs." But there's no denying that attorneys, auditors and other professionals love Billy's unique mix of magic and motivational speaking.