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Total Self Defense

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After one of the greatest intros ever committed to VHS, "Total Self Defense" introduces us to host John McSweeney, a guy who could kill a man with a single blow but is still exceedingly polite to his assistant, Paul. ...

Babes With Machine Guns, Part 1

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This whole video, involving babes in bikinis shooting machine guns, is so good that we're doling it out in bite-sized chunks. Look out for Part 2 coming soon!

Barroom Brawling

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Marc "Animal" MacYoung (featured in "Self Defense Montage" in the Volume 3 DVD) is back with some friends in this homemade instructional video about winning bar fights. And yes, there's a reenactment!

Controlled F.O.R.C.E

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This police handcuff training video finally answers the question, "Were people still wearing stonewashed jeans in 1997?" The answer: yes, apparently everyone was.

Danny Bonaduce’s Mortal Kombat

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This home movie, sent in by a friend, documents a martial arts demonstration show based around the characters and music from the "Mortal Kombat" movie. It also features Danny Bonaduce (former "Patridge Family" bassist...

Found Footage Show: Meat Sleeves

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We give thanks for this video about sharp knives, made by a guy who cares just a little too much about the sharpness of his instruments. It's just slightly different than being a pop-culture nerd, only this guy geeks ...

A Woman’s Guide To Firearms

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Firearm training with a woman's touch, circa 1987.

Drill Sergeant McDaniel

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Here are a couple vignettes from a drill sergeant training video, featuring our new favorite "actor," Drill Sergeant McDaniel. We love his glasses, his mustache, his drawl. But most of all, we love his stilted take-no...

Generic Hip-Hop And BB Guns

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Here's a Daisy BB gun demo video that probably played on a loop on a Cabela's sales floor throughout the 90s. Somewhere, there's a poor salesman who still has this royalty-free "hip-hop" song in his head. And now you ...