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VCR Party presents The Toe-Tapping Toenament 2021 – FUNGAL FOUR!

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The VCR Party boyz are down to the final four toe-tappers of 2021! Which toe-une has what it toe-akes toe make it toe the championship? The Eyes Have It (Joe) v. Rem Lazar's "Higher" (George) Bank of Ireland (Nick) v....

VCR Party Live 157 – The Rallying Cry for a Generation of Fitness Lovers

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22 Views0 Comments​ This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, Steve and George apologize! There are videos, too, including an instructional tape for barbershop quartets, a newly unearthed Russian "Lord o...

Toe-Tapping Toe-nament 2021 – The Earworm Eight

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Special guest judge Rhys Marshall joins us all the way from Australia to determine which VHS songs and commercial jingles move onto the final four in the 2021 tournament of toe-tappers. Plus, songs that didn't make th...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – GI Joe PSAs with Jimmy Keegan!

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George worked his magic and somehow tracked down Jimmy Keegan, the guy who, as a kid, voiced Henry Bigg from The Littles and a handful of characters from the GI Joe PSAs (he was also in "Over The Top"). And thus it wa...

VCR Party Live! Ep 156 – First Class Sass!

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Spring is in the air and that means it's time for goth public access shows! Podcast host and TV aficionado, Ken Reid, joins Joe and Nick to watch a new Dollar Bill montage, discuss local on-air weirdos and decide the ...

VCR Party Live! Ep 155 – Exactamundo

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This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, George and Steve celebrate Easter with a VHS tape called "Lamb Survival," then celebrate Passover with a music video for "Seder in the U.S.A." Plus, a celebrity teaches us about boat...

VCR Party presents The Toe-Tapping Toe-Nament 2021 – ROUND 1!

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It's ROUND ONE of the most highly anticipated toe-tapping event in the VHS community! This week Joe's all-star picks go toe-to-toe with George's roster of hot hits. Judge Joe Blevins will decide which jingle, VHS tune...

VCR Party EP Mode – March Preview

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15 Views0 Comments​ Here's a sample of our weekly bonus show for Patreon backers at the $10+ monthly level. These shows are hour-long deep dives into one or more videos from our collection, often ...

VCR Party Live! Ep 154 – George’s 100th-ish Episode Surprise!

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It seems like only yesterday that a creepy man named George showed up at the VCR Party HQ doorsteps, but it was actually 100 (or so) episodes ago. Today we honor George the only way we know how: with embarrassing vide...

VCR Party Live! Ep 153 – Maybe A Little Too Adult

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It's wall-to-wall "Irish" videos on this week's episode of VCR Party, featuring Celtic karaoke, Irish flying windows, and not one but two joke-telling leprechauns. Plus, George debuts a new VHS hunk auction, Steve con...

Tic-Toc Let’s Talk!

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Did everyone remember to set their clown clocks ahead one hour? If not, let Watch Dog and Clocker and friends remind you.

VCR Party Live! Ep 152 – Dollar Bill and the Babe-rahams

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Joe, Nick, George and Steve look on with amazement in their eyes as celebrities try to stop teenagers from smoking, an antenna snake tries to eat a dead bird, hockey players try to act, and Dollar Bill tries selling u...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Galaxy High with Don Sparrow

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It's a productive morning for the Shaturday crew as they welcome illustrator Don Sparrow to watch Galaxy High (1986) and to play George's Frank Welker-related game show, "Who's Welker?" Then they all get very serious ...

VCR Party Live Ep 151 – The Movie Orgy

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This week on VCR Party, Rick Katschke invites us to The Movie Orgy, a legendary found footage compilation by Joe Dante (the director of BOTH Gremlins movies!). Plus, "Candy Pants," a mouse playing the drums, two-word ...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos with Jason Waguespack

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Joe, Nick and George FINALLY get around to watching Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos and joining them on this dangerous ride is author, Jason Waguespack who actually wrote the book on Saturday morning cartoons. Plus Geor...

VCR Party Live! Ep 149 – I Hated This Episode

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This week, on an especially contentious VCR Party, Joe, Nick, Steve and George pay tribute to the late amateur filmmaker and animator, Fred Spencer. Help us solve the mystery of Clowntown USA and play the newly rebran...

VCR Party Live! ep 148 – Nick’s Birthday Party! sponsored by Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews

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It's Nick's birthday! So Joe, Steve and George make Nick cry tears of emotional joy by giving him gifts that happen to be nice things, Joe makes birthday phone calls to Shopko and Red Robin, hundreds of guests swing b...

Willie’s Garage, Ep 16 – Wink and I’ll Do The Rest

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This week in Willie's Garage, it's ALF's first Valentine's Day and Kate's mother finds love with a guy named Wizzer Deaver. Meanwhile, Nick shows off the top 3 ALF memes, George professes his love for Jerry Orbach, an...

VCR Party Live! Ep 147 – Fridnob! Bradnik! Berzerben!

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It's Groundhog Day and we're incredibly rad thrilled to show you a video about getting groundhogs drunk. Plus, guinea pigs, clowns, fat suits, technical difficulties with Skippy from Family Ties, IMGs, smokers' toothp...

TV’s Plunketts & Practical Thumbs

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It's a prime time celebration of the most unflattering photos ever taken! Hosted by VCR Party's Joe and Nick and featuring appearances by Steve Lawrence, George Pasles, Jo Firestone (Adult Swim), Marc Price (Family Ti...

VCR Party Live! p 146 – Death and Sexy Windows!

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Join Joe, Nick, Steve, George and the Grim Reaper for a show with an unplanned death theme. Lobsters, celebrities, an inflated chicken carcass - you name it, it’s dead! All that death is offset by the sexiest flying w...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Dino-Riders with Rebecca Dart

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Put on your brain boxes and join us for a 1988 cartoon 65 million years in the making, "Dino-Riders!" Artist Rebecca Dart (My Little Pony) is with us to provide animation insights and dinosaur party facts, George serv...

VCR Party Live! Ep 145 – Sploshing

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This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, Steve and George have a full blown case of Pastamania! But first, they unleash flying windows, Baptist ventriloquists, cameos from Morgan Fairchild and James Brolin, spinning anvils,...

VCR Party Live! Ep. 144 – Joe’s Birthday & Surgery Video Extravaganza!

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Joe is reduced to emotional tears of crying after Nick, George, Steve and Dr. Stjernholm present him with surprises galore, including an IMG jam band, a painting destined for the Smithsonian and several videos made by...