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VCR Party Live! Ep. 178 – Is Burger King Haunted?

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This week on VCR Party, Sizzling Hunks Summer continues with a "Real People" segment about the Chippendales club. Plus, body piercing, Swayze Dancing, The Boz, The Ultimate Warrior, and our new favorite supernatural i...

VCR Party Live! p. 177 – It’s Sharty Time!

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14 Views0 Comments In anticipation of the season debut of Shaturday Morning Cartoons Season 2 on Shaturday, Sept. 4, Caitlin McGurk joins the fellaz to quiz them on everything they "learned" in se...

VCR Party Live! Ep 176 – Swedes Are Special People

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55 Views0 Comments In the most contentious episode of VCR Party yet, Joe comes out of the gate swinging (and slurring) and yet the crew perseveres the only way they know how: by showing VHS clips!...

VCR Party Live! Ep 175 – We Are Gonna Get Whisp-ay!

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39 Views0 Comments In an episode that will surely result in a Webby Award, Joe finally gives away his precious armpit whisps (hand-plucked by George) while they watch a hair removal video that req...

VCR Party Live! Ep 174 – Knight Fever

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This week on VCR Party, the boys are live and in a familiar location, popping in VHS tapes featuring public access Olympians, married pageant contestants, and oiled up hunks. Plus, Daniel Songer is back with a confusi...

VCR Party Live! Ep 173 – Power Animal Frolics

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72 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, Steve and George are joined by video collector Theo Bochanis (, who unveils his latest finds from the...

VCR Party Live! Ep 172 – Sex Ed. With Pancakes

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61 Views0 Comments Some might say this episode contains TOO MUCH hilarity! Here’s why: Joe selects the top Wisconsin jingles and accidentally discovers a brand new segment, Nick tracks down a long...

VCR Party Live! Ep 171 – We Hasten To Vibe Supreme Virtuosity

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71 Views0 Comments What if someone told you that tonight's show featured hunks rapping, talk show guests floundering and pleasure device inventors demonstrating? Would you hasten to predicate that...

VCR Party Live! Ep 170 – Happy Debaucherous Pilot’s Day, Scumbags!

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Grab your pilot's license and charter a boat because episode 170 is going to pixelate the night away! Hockey players mumble about cheap pizza, George makes a 1-900 number, Nick wonders how he can tell if he's really i...

VCR Party Live! Ep 169 – Julia Roberts, Wow!

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This week on VCR Party, Joe's computer is broken but that doesn't stop us from delivering the goods. And by goods, we mean the third installment of America's favorite game show, VCR Smarty, featuring questions about o...

VCR Party Live! Ep 168 – Whether You Like It Or Not

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64 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, we usher in Independence Day weekend with a video of patriotic babies singing "Yankee Doodle." Plus, Nick, George, Joe and Steve present the four contend...

VCR Party Live! Ep 167 – Throw A Couple Skeletons In There

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50 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, George and Steve get physical, stop smoking, head "down the shore" for an Ocean City home movie from 1987 and a beach sex comedy from 1982, an...

VCR Party Live! Ep 166 – The Perfect episode for your boss, spouse, etc.

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73 Views0 Comments Grab yourself a New York Seltzer and curl up with your tiger because this episode has the saddest 1-900 commercial you'll ever see, a naked hunk who does impressions and an answ...

VCR Party Live! Ep 165 – Office Macarena

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91 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, Joe discovers “Santo Gold,” Steve gets an emergency root canal, Nick celebrates Ghostbusters Day with an animatronic Slimer, and George is a CPR dummy. Plus, ne...

VCR Party Live! 164 – Check Please!

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58 Views0 Comments So many laffs, so little time! Join the VHS friends as they each do a different thing. For example, George shows everyone the best four jingles from Pennsylvania, Nick introduce...

VCR Party 163 – Burpcoins & Beautiful Women

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105 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, Joe, Nick, George and Steve celebrate the 29th anniversary of Kirk's 40th Birthday, the legendary home movie found at a Salvation Army in Wisconsin. Plus, we de...

NICK SIPS! Official music video

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If you watch VCR Party, you know that Nick will occasionally take a slurpy sip from his large mug with a green straw. This song is about that.

VCR Party Live! 162 – Very Believable Ants

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56 Views0 Comments It's time to declare the greatest jingle for each of the 50 states in the USA! Steve walks us through four favorites from his tiny little home state of Rhode Island. Plus the ca...

AV Geeks vs VCR Party Toe-Tapping Toe-nament

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The greatest toe-tapping VHS songs and jingles from VCR Party go toe-to-toe with the greatest educational film songs from AV Geeks in this no holds barred musical brawl. Who will come out on top? Join Joe, Nick, Skip ...

VCR Party Live! Ep 161 – That Irascible Imp Alex Pickett

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This week on VCR Party, Joe's brother Alex joins us to tell stories from the Found Footage Festival trenches and talk about his new book, The Restaurant Inspector. This episode has everything: "Personality," colonosco...

Willie’s Garage Ep 25 – Cockroaches & Kafka

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This week in Willie's Garage, Nick and George watch a memorable episode of ALF with a giant space cockroach. Plus, an ALF rap remix, passages from ALF writer Jerry Stahl's book, Permanent Midnight, references to both ...

VCR Party Live 160 – Fill Cup With Requested Beverage

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68 Views0 Comments​ In today's VCR Party Live!, all your burning questions are answered like, is Joe's eye still dripping blood? How will Steve prepare his buns for his colonoscopy? What's the dif...

VCR Party Live! Ep 159 – Things Get A Little Crazy But It All Works Out

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This week on VCR Party, Joe wears sunglasses to hide something mysterious, Nick unleashes a double dose of puppets and clowns, Steve gets grilled about his colon, and George's weekends get ruined. Plus: A table tennis...

VCR Party Live 158 – Toe-nament Results and Raw Dogging Windows!

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31 Views0 Comments​ It's the moment we've all been waiting for: an update about Steve's upcoming colonoscopy! Also, the results of the 2021 Toe-Tapping Toe-nament! Music critic, Steve Hyden dissec...