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It Only Takes A Second

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This workplace safety video was found at a video duplication company in Minneapolis. Apparently, it was supposed to scare you into being safe. Available on the FFF Vol. 1 DVD.

How To Raise A Street-Smart Kid

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This video purports to teach children how to be safe from strangers and then proceeds to mock those same children by showing them how ignorant they are. Pretty good strategy if you ask us. This tape was found at a fle...

Total Self Defense

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After one of the greatest intros ever committed to VHS, "Total Self Defense" introduces us to host John McSweeney, a guy who could kill a man with a single blow but is still exceedingly polite to his assistant, Paul. ...

Life Is For Living

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This blockbuster sequel to "It Only Takes A Second" features more reenactments of careless everyday accidents, but this time shows you the consequences of the injuries. Namely, not being able to bowl. Featured on the ...

Caught In The Web: Staying Safe In Cyberspace

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This safety video uses the latest cyber effects from 1998 to tell the dramatic story of a man overrun by cyberpunks, cyber viruses, and cyber predators, and the cyber detective who makes cyberspace cyber-safe again.

Y2K With Leonard Nimoy

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Remember when the world shut down about a decade ago? Well, here's the video that was responsible for preparing us. Starring Leonard Nimoy for some reason.

Escape With Herb Johnson

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Self defense techniques from a man with the least intimidating name of all time. Herb is a great martial artist but not much of a public speaker. More on the Found Footage Festival Vol. 3 DVD.

Stranger Danger, Part 2

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In this installment of "Stranger Danger," we learn never to pose for pictures for strangers, even if the stranger is a smooth-talking pizza commercial producer who promises to put you on TV.

Stranger Danger, Part 1

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This 1994 safety video teaches kids about the danger of talking to strangers. Tip #1: Don't use "cat" as a code word.

Snow Monsters The Movie!

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This skiing safety video teaches kids that all they really need to be safe on the slopes is a little magic from a talking albino tiger.

Sound Mate

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This promotional video from Remington was designed to promote their Sound Mate personal alarm. It also promotes other crime fighting techniques like walking in the middle of the sidewalk and wearing a fanny pack.

For Safety’s Sake Starring Gary Coleman

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This 1986 instructional video stars Gary Coleman at his pluckiest. It also features a strange cop, an outdoorsman, that kid from Tremors and a whole host of "attractive nuisances" that may or may not match up with Gar...

Being Berry, Berry Safe

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This video about saying no to strangers is hosted by a clown from Oregon named Blueberry, who is far more terrifying than any stranger we can imagine. Featured in Found Footage Festival Vol. 6.

Say No To Strangers

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This extremely British educational video tells kids to say no to strangers. We'd start by avoiding any singing strangers dressed like they belong to a sailing club. Found by our friends across the pond at Eagle & ...

FFF Volume 6 Trailer

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A small sampling of some of the weird and wonderful found footage on display in the Found Footage Festival Volume 6 DVD and live tour (2012).

Found Footage Show: It Only Takes A Second

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It's Safety Awareness Week at the Found Footage Festival and we spotlight an insurance video called "It Only Takes A Second."

Found Footage Show: Life Is For Living

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It's Safety Awareness Week at the Found Footage Festival and the good folks at Federated Mutual Insurance are here to remind us that "Life Is For Living."

Found Footage Show: VHS Covers, Part 2

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In our travels through resale shops and garbage bins, we frequently come across VHS tapes whose artwork actually turns out to be more exciting than the videos contained inside them. Like this? Then you'll love our boo...

Safety On The Job

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Let's face it, we all want to be like Slick: confident, funny, reckless. But according to "Safety On The Job," people like Slick usually get their face burned off. Who knew? More SOTJ is waiting for you on FFF Volume ...