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How To Play Guitar In The Style Of Nirvana

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Here's How To Play Guitar In The Style Of Nirvana by a guy who actively dislikes Nirvana (c. 1998)

Creating Rem Lezar 35th Anniversary Trailer

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78 Views0 Comments We first saw Creating Rem Lezar on VHS in a stranger’s living room in Denver at about 3 in the morning — ideal viewing conditions for this wonderfully strange artifact from the...

Bassoon Basics

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75 Views0 Comments You'll enjoy this bassoon instructional video or my name isn't Richard Spittle!

The Real Thor

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109 Views0 Comments John Mikl Thor from British Columbia is the only Thor we officially recognize.

Purple Corporation “Fish Out of Water” – official music video

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Bask in the summertime fun with this toe-tapping hit from Purple Corporation, featuring VHS footage from found travel videos. Directed by Joe Pickett Edited by Greg DeLiso Find Purple Corporation on Spotify and w...

NICK SIPS! Official music video

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If you watch VCR Party, you know that Nick will occasionally take a slurpy sip from his large mug with a green straw. This song is about that.

Super Chino Remix by Paris In Stereo

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Our pal Ilene in Memphis gave us this tape of a performance by Super Chino, a Mexican band with the greatest choreography (and costumes) we've ever seen. Now our pal Paris In Stereo has remixed their song, and we remi...

Jingle Mysteries: Who Wrote the Nestle Alpine White Song?

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We wanted to know who wrote the unforgettable Nestle Alpine White jingle that's been stuck in our head since 1986. Our own VHS detective, George Pasles, tracked down the maestro, Lloyd Landesman, to get the scoop. ...

Basic Singing Skills for Barbershoppers

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Four middle aged men in khakis teach you how to warm up your voice for your next barbershop performance, wherever that happens. Brought to you by the good folks at the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement ...

VCR Party presents The Toe-Tapping Toenament 2021 – FUNGAL FOUR!

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The VCR Party boyz are down to the final four toe-tappers of 2021! Which toe-une has what it toe-akes toe make it toe the championship? The Eyes Have It (Joe) v. Rem Lazar's "Higher" (George) Bank of Ireland (Nick) v....

VCR Party presents The Toe-Tapping Toe-Nament 2021 – ROUND 1!

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It's ROUND ONE of the most highly anticipated toe-tapping event in the VHS community! This week Joe's all-star picks go toe-to-toe with George's roster of hot hits. Judge Joe Blevins will decide which jingle, VHS tune...

VCR Party Live! Ep 153 – Maybe A Little Too Adult

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It's wall-to-wall "Irish" videos on this week's episode of VCR Party, featuring Celtic karaoke, Irish flying windows, and not one but two joke-telling leprechauns. Plus, George debuts a new VHS hunk auction, Steve con...

Annobin Wap Rap

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Viewer Joe Blevins remixed the theme from the Russian kids video, Annobin Wap (aka The Lilac Ball), and it blew us away. We added the visuals from the VHS tape. Hear more of Joe's handiwork at https://bothofthemmarywo...

The Eyes Have It Supercut Superloop

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Boasting nearly 1500 utterances of “the eyes have its,” this supercut superloop features a song played during the opening and closing credits of Donna Mill's instructional makeup video, "The Eyes Have It." So turn up ...

VCR Party Live! Episode 72 – Talking Gary Busey with Sam Seder

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Sam Seder (The Majority Report) joins us to watch Danny Aiello's answer to Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" video, Burt Reynolds and Herve Villechez singing on The Dinah Shore Show, a politi...

VCR Party Live! Episode 56 – Metallica Drummer

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This week on VCR Party Live!, we celebrate the tape trading classic, "Metallica Drummer," learn how to "Use Video In Ministry," and witness a string of obscenities from Richard Simmons. Plus, Tedium, Excitement, Nice ...

VCR Party Live! Episode 37 – Christmas Special

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Warm yourself by the hearth as we unwrap our yuletide VHS favorites, including Jan Terri, Nude Christmas Presents, Christmas with Dennis, and, of course, more Jingle Cats. Plus, our awkward holiday gift exchange. W...

VCR Party Live! Episode 25 – Jon Glaser and Marlb Miles

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Jon Glaser of Jon Glaser Loves Gear, Delocated, Neon Joe Werewolf Hunter, and Parks and Recreation joins us to watch some high-octane VHS action. Watch VCR Party Live! live every Tuesd...

VCR Party Live! Episode 23 – Albertina Rizzo and the Bonion Sergery Bombshell

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Tonight Show writer (and Joe’s wife) Albertina Rizzo joins us to watch videos about cats and Italians. Plus, a jaw-dropping “bonion sergery” bombshell that will stun the world. Watch V...

VCR Party Live! Episode 0

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Here's the test show of our new weekly internet show, VCR Party Live! Watch VCR Party Live! live every Tuesday night at 9pm ET at and Like the show...

Songs That’ll Get Stuck In Your Head Forever

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The songs on these musical VHS tapes have been in our heads for over a decade and now we're passing them onto you: "Don't Talk To Strangers" from Safety 4 Kids, "Candy Pants" from preacher Lionel Davis, "Totally Tulip...

Here Come The Hunks!

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Hunks were everywhere in the 80s, hunking it up in their limos and bathtubs, but now they're an endangered species. Enjoy this selection of bona fide hunks on VHS, including Playgirl's Morning Workout, Thor on the Mer...

David Letterman’s Video Collection

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When David Letterman retired in 2015, the staff donated over 30 years of the show's VHS archives to the Found Footage Festival. Here is just a small sampling of what's featured in our Volume 8 live show and DVD.

Found Footage Festival Vol 8 Trailer

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Live show coming soon to your city!