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Strange Tapes Strange Show, Ep 13 – Cinema Grabass

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Scott Miller from the Strange Tapes zine hosts this summer series on the FFF channel. In episode 13, we watch unusual movie-related clips and Scott reveals a showbiz industry secret. IG:

Creating Rem Lezar 35th Anniversary Trailer

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94 Views0 Comments We first saw Creating Rem Lezar on VHS in a stranger’s living room in Denver at about 3 in the morning — ideal viewing conditions for this wonderfully strange artifact from the...

Dance! Workout with Barbie and Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Why do we need a new Barbie movie when we've got this 1991 exercise video featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt and a stop-motion Barbie right out of a Ray Harryhausen movie?

Captain Kid’s Magical Star with Brice Beckham

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It's all fun and clowns until someone calls you a chicken-nerd. Featuring Brice Beckham from Mr. Belvedere!

ALF, Slimer and George Bush Say Don’t Smoke Dope!

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160 Views0 Comments From the classic VHS free rental, Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue (1990), The Chipmunks, ALF, Slimer, Winnie the Pooh, Daffy Duck, Garfield and George Bush warn you of the dangers of d...

Tic-Toc Let’s Talk!

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Did everyone remember to set their clown clocks ahead one hour? If not, let Watch Dog and Clocker and friends remind you.

Reading Planet: Time Scrambler

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Long before Lil Uzi Vert got a diamond implanted in his forehead, an alien named Prism did it to help teach kids better English from his Reading Planet. Enjoy this disorienting educational video from Virginia that was...

Clowntown USA

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This local clown show from Arkansas features games for kids, local ads, and a mysterious puppet interlude with an amazing soundtrack. Can you help us identify the song?

Annobin Wap Rap

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Viewer Joe Blevins remixed the theme from the Russian kids video, Annobin Wap (aka The Lilac Ball), and it blew us away. We added the visuals from the VHS tape. Hear more of Joe's handiwork at https://bothofthemmarywo...

Making Masks

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Everyone should be wearing masks in public, especially clown masks that will ensure people keep their distance. More of the 1984 "Making Masks" how-to video on VCR Party Live! Episode 115.

Dream Bunny

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This 1996 children's video stars a giant floppy-eared bunny who appears in children's dreams when they sleep. It's the same plot as A Nightmare on Elm Street except with more fist bumps. Found by our pal Matt G.

Rubik’s Cube: Solved!

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Looking for a fun quarantine activity? Why not solve "the puzzle of the century" with the help of this 1981 instructional video starring a math nerd and his young protege. More on VCR Party Live! Episode 110.

Circle Square: Swearing

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In this 1983 VHS release of the Christian Canadian show, "Circle Square," a wise old neighbor teaches two kids about swearing.

Basic Training for Boys

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These aren't even the weirdest scenes in the 1995 instructional tape, Basic Training for Boys. We watch the whole thing comedy writer Craig Rowin, who found the video in his college library, exclusively on Patreon. No...

101 Things for Kids To Do

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Run out of things for your kids to do in quarantine? Let Shari Lewis (and her puppets) show you 101 activities, some better than others, in this 1987 VHS tape that's mostly Shari rapping.

Hygiene: What Is It?

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This 1992 educational video starts from square one for people who've never even heard the word "hygiene." Includes hand washing tips and a killer rap song about B.O.!

VCR Party Live! Episode 100 – The Creation of Creating Rem Lezar with Jack Mulcahy

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This week on VCR Party Live!, we celebrate our 100th episode by welcoming special guest Jack Mulcahy, the star of the low-budget kids movie, "Creating Rem Lezar," and talk about Porky's, softball, and revealing too mu...

The Facts of Life with Scott Baio

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In 1987, when we still wanted Charles in charge of things, Scott Baio walked young people through puberty and somehow made it more awkward than it already is.

VCR Party Live! Episode 65 – Sex Education

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This week on VCR Party Live!, we're joined by sex educator Kendall McKenzie to watch VHS tapes about puberty, erotic exercises, and "Self Anal Massage for Men." Plus, an update about our quest to find the kid from Sup...

Super Duper Pooper

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A Found Footage Fest classic, here's the hit song from the 1991 video, "It's Potty Time."

VCR Party Live! Episode 63 – Elegant Napkin Folding

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This week on VCR Party Live!, we pay respects to Jazzercise, get hypnotized by bowling, take a trip to Peppermint Park, learn how to fold napkins, and watch a legendary James Brown appearance on CNN. Plus, Nice Things...

VCR Party Live! Episode 31 – Caitlin McGurk and Making Every Smile Count

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This week on VCR Party Live!, Caitlin McGurk from the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum joins us to watch cartoons! Plus, the winner of VCR Party's Midterm Election is announced and we play a local commercial...

VCR Party Live! Episode 3

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Tonight's show features a great Crispin Glover story, Midwestern parades and beauty pageants, plenty of fantastic bloopers, and one male nipple piercing. Watch VCR Party Live! live every Tuesday night at 9pm ET at ...

VCR Party Live! Episode 0

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Here's the test show of our new weekly internet show, VCR Party Live! Watch VCR Party Live! live every Tuesday night at 9pm ET at and Like the show...