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VCR Party Live! Ep 219 – Talkin’ Vids with Kyle Mooney!

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61 Views0 Comments Kyle Mooney stops by to talk about his Netflix show SMASH and brings some toe-tapping jingles with him! Nick brings shame to the legacy of VCR Party and is forced to apologize. ...

VCR Party Live! – ep. 150 – A Crapload of Van Pattens

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Just when you thought you’d seen enough Dick Van Patten for the month of February, along comes episode 150. The fellas serve up even more DVP, plus apologies from Nick, surreal math by George, Menards raps by Ray, mor...

Shaturday Morning Mysteries!

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72 Views0 Comments In what is easily the most ambitious Shaturday of all time, the Shaturday gang creates their own cartoon with the help of comic book writer/illustrator, Cookie Madison and profe...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons, Ep 14 – Garbage Pail Kids with Colonoscopy Caitlin

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Joe Blow, Sick Nick, Furious George and Colonoscopy Caitlin pour some Christmas colored cereal and watch the never-actually-aired Garbage Pail Kids: The Series. George curates a block of Christmas cereal commercials i...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Ziggy’s Gift!

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83 Views0 Comments You’ll probably want to postpone opening gifts and spend Christmas morning with your four favorite Shaturday Palz because they’re going to watch the non-shatty, award-winner, “Z...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Turbo Teen with Caitlin McGurk

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89 Views0 Comments Buckle up for arguably the most ridiculous Shaturday morning of your life. Hands will turn to tires, eyes will become headlights and mouths will hit the floor in this wonderfull...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Trollkins

Added by 10 months ago

106 Views0 Comments All aboard the USA Cartoon Express! The Shaturday crew welcomes Nick's sister, Jessica Rausch, to re-live their "latchkey kid" days watching the long-running cable animation blo...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – The Super Globetrotters with Caitlin McGurk

Added by 1 year ago

74 Views0 Comments It's NBA basketball playoff time and what better way to celebrate than to watch a team of cartoon basketball players turn into spaghetti and water! We say this a lot but this ti...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – The Scooby-Doo Rip-Offs!

Added by 11 months ago

85 Views0 Comments Scooby-Doo was a massive hit when it aired in 1969. And you know what happens when there's a massive hit...RIP-OFFs! Joe, Nick, George and Lunchmeat's Josh delve into the world ...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – The Real Ghostbusters

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139 Views0 Comments The Shaturday crew celebrates St. Patrick's Day with The Real Ghostbusters - not a fake Ghostbuster in the bunch! We trace the confusing animated history of Ghostbusters for TV,...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – The Raccoons with Brennan Tilley

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The Shaturday gang celebrates Canada with 1982's "The Raccoons on Ice" and Brennan Tilley of the Calgary Underground Film Festival. Plus, stories of smuggling cereal over the Canadian border, meeting Neil Peart of Rus...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – The Man Who Hated Laughter!

Added by 10 months ago

108 Views0 Comments If you're like Joe, Nick, George and Caitlin, you've spent every waking moment toiling over what Beetle Bailey’s voice sounds like. Well today you’ll get your answer with this S...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – The Littles with Caitlin McGurk

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Pour yourself a stiff bowl of cereal for this alcohol-themed episode of Shaturday Morning Cartoons with Joe, Nick, George and Caitlin McGurk from the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library. We watch an episode of The Littles c...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – The Evolution of Sugar Bear with Skip from AV Geeks!

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On this very special Shaturday, film archivist and Sugar Bear expert, Skip Elsheimer from AV Geeks, educates the fellas about the history of cereal's most notorious cool guy, Sugar Bear, and everyone ends up with a mo...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – The California Raisin Show

Added by 5 months ago

81 Views0 Comments It's Shaturday morning and Joe, Nick, George and Caitlin McGurk from the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library are "raisin hell" with 1988's 2-D animated The California Raisin Show. We ...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Tales From the Cryptkeeper with Laura Wimbels

Added by 11 months ago

73 Views0 Comments It's October and that means it's time for spooky animation on Shaturday Morning Cartoons. First up, 1993's Tales From the Cryptkeeper! Joining Joe, Nick and George this week is ...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Super Mario Bros 3 with Bob Mackey

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The Shaturday boyz are joined by Bob Mackey of the Retronauts and Talking Simpsons podcasts to watch a Mother's Day episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. Meet Princess Exposition, find out what's in the "m...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Stone Protectors with Rev. Jen Miller

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Join Joe, Nick, George and Reverend Jen Miller of the Troll Museum for a "cataclysmic" rewatch of 1993's Stone Protectors, a cartoon inspired by troll dolls and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and general 90s extreme-nes...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Snuffy, Ziggy And Other Pantsless Characters

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It's comic strip day this Shaturday! And the gang will see how well they translate to cartoons by watching a short Ziggy special and a weird Snuffy Smith cartoon. Plus George assembles a block of commercials featuring...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Saturday Morning Previews 2

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The Shaturday crew is back and in the studio with special guest Caitlin McGurk of the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum. This time, we take a look at Saturday morning preview specials from 1984, starring "Wei...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Rude Dog and the Dweebs

Added by 6 months ago

85 Views0 Comments Listen up, Dweebs. It's time for a t-shirt based cartoon from 1989 about a rude dog named Rude Dog. Join Rude Joe and the Dweebs (Caitlin McGurk, George and Nick) as they learn ...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Rock-N-Wrestling Saturday Spectacular

Added by 2 weeks ago

42 Views0 Comments In a tradition as old as Saturday morning cartoons themselves, we premiere the third season of SMC with a preview of the 1985 CBS cartoon lineup. This one is a who's who of rand...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Robocop with Caitlin McGurk

Added by 5 months ago

108 Views0 Comments The Shaturday gang wakes up with a vitamin-fortified bowl of senseless violence for the series finale of 1988’s animated “Robocop” series. Is it a warning of a cybernetic dystop...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Richie Rich with Katie Leigh

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Acclaimed voice actor Katie Leigh joins the Shaturday gang to watch “Richie Rich” as late stage capitalism’s pride and joy battles his evil(?) twin. But first, we talk about Katie’s storied career - "Dungeons & Dr...