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Computer Beach Party: Dubbing

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Among the litany of problems with this movie is the audio which is generally atrocious and for the most part poorly overdubbed. This is a compilation of the best of the worst dubbing.

How to Have Cybersex on the Internet

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This 1997 instructional video can't decide whether to be informational or sexy and, as a result, succeeds at neither. Tedium has never been this topless.

Computer Beach Party Trailer

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This is a trailer we cut for a forgotten 1980s sex comedy we turned up on VHS. "Computer Beach Party" features poorly-dubbed dialogue, a naive understanding of how computers work and two musical performances by heavy ...

Jazz Warm-Up With Traci Lords

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A bonus clip from the ultra-bizarre exercise video by former porn star Traci Lords, as featured in the FFF: Vol. 1 DVD. Old habits die hard.

Babes With Machine Guns, Part 2

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The Machine Gun Babes are back with more hijinks, this time with ambitions to star in Hollywood movies! Good luck with that. Also see Part 1.

Babes With Machine Guns, Part 1

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This whole video, involving babes in bikinis shooting machine guns, is so good that we're doling it out in bite-sized chunks. Look out for Part 2 coming soon!

FFF Volume 7 Trailer

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A quick look at what's on tap in the new Found Footage Festival show, coming soon to your city.

Video Dating, Part 2

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We cut together even more highlights from the 1987 video dating reel given to us by David Cross. More Video Dating can be found on the FFF Vol. 4 DVD. Perfect for those who've decided that they're lonely.

Video Dating

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We cut together our favorite parts from a 1987 dating service video given to us by David Cross and has since gone on to become a world-wide hit. Check out the full version on the Found Footage Festival Volume 4 DVD.

California Big Hunks, Part 1

Added by 11 months ago

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Bonus footage from a VHS tape called "California Big Hunks," found at a thrift store in Virginia. This scenario begs the question, why is the hunky cop fantasizing about himself? More hunks on the Found Footage Festiv...

Michael Jackson Striptease

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This clip, from a VHS tape called "California Big Hunks," shows how a graffiti-spraying street hunk turns his life around after seeing a shiny picture of Michael Jackson taped to a wall.

Instant Adoring Boyfriend

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This high-concept video was meant to provide virtual love and companionship to very lonely women, whose ideal boyfriend was apparently a gay British man.

City of Secrets

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We know very little about "City of Secrets," other than the fact that the trailer was found on video by our friend Jeff in Maryland. The movie appears to borrow its plot from The Bourne Identity, its tagline from The ...

Nude Video Dates

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This high-concept video from 1991 introduces you to several women, who make "small talk" and then disrobe while talking to the camera. In this scenario, we meet Sherri, an extremely boring and fully clothed woman who'...

Beverly Hills Vamp Trailer

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Our friend Cristina found the trailer to this movie on a 1989 home video release by Vidmark, a company whose previews were always better than the movie you were about to watch. This one features Grease's Eddie Deezen,...

Guide To Getting Girls

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From a tape called "Attracting Today's Woman," this music video shows a man's transformation from nerd to hunk with the help of some plastic surgery and a bearded man named Tommy Lee Cook. We know it's confusing and g...

FFF Volume 6 Trailer

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A small sampling of some of the weird and wonderful found footage on display in the brand-new Found Footage Festival touring show, coming to your city in 2012

Cheerleader Tryout Secrets

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Found by a friend in Austin, Texas, this instructional video teaches you some popular cheerleading techniques, most of which sound like sexual euphemisms.

Found Footage Show: A Canadian Mustache Rocker In Canada

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For Canada Awareness Week, we have dug up some footage of Thor, the creator of a genre called "muscle-rock." In his Vegas stage show, the born entertainer not only sings, but also performs feats of strength--with his ...

Found Footage Show: VHS Covers, Part 1

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It's VHS Awareness Week on the Found Footage Show and we bring out some of our favorite entries from our 20 years of collecting.


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In this exclusive bonus clip from the forthcoming FFF Volume 5 DVD, we learn how to be a model from a variety of how-to videos found at thrift stores. Featuring appearances by Denise Richards, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen a...

Cyber Seeker

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Highlights from a 1993 movie that envisions the far off future of 2013. It's comforting to know that in a world where civilization and water have ceased to exist, thong bikinis are still alive and well.

Found Footage Show: Half-Naked Man Dances For Old People

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"Dancing With Frank" is apparently a half-hour show in which Frank Pacholski, naked save for a mask and a banana hammock, dances around suggestively in a semi-circle of elderly people. Why the mask, if he's using his ...

Bathing Suit Contest

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You know how they call strip clubs "gentlemen's clubs"? Well you're about to see why. Here's a video we found simply labeled "Bathing Suit Contest" with none of the untanned private parts, and only the leering men.

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