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VCR Party Live! Ep 203 – PAM CAP

Added by 5 months ago

105 Views0 Comments Things get a little weird in 203 and here's why: George stumbles across an aging Orbison, Joe finally raffles off his bootleg underwear, Nick closes the book on Babe-ruary and Steve ta...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Defenders of the Earth with Caitlin McGurk

Added by 5 months ago

96 Views0 Comments Just when the Earth needs the most defending, the Shaturday Gang watches “Defenders of the Earth”. Can a comic strip supergroup and a kid named Rick stop an invasion by evil ice...

VCR Party Live! Ep 202 – Does Orville Redenbacher Live Here?

Added by 5 months ago

116 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, we welcome the director of the new Chop & Steele documentary, Ben Steinbauer and Berndt Mader, to show exclusive clips from the movie, plus rarely se...

Trendsetters – NY Public Access

Added by 5 months ago

237 Views0 Comments

This 90s public access show hosted by Lynn Graham is focused on fashion and, even though we're just posting it now, has already inspired several new drag characters. Found by our pal Matthew Jones.

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – POOCHIE!!!!

Added by 5 months ago

89 Views0 Comments Without giving too much away, Poochie is a cute dog who writes an advice column in her owner's newspaper and Dic made one episode for this character and promptly called it quits...

VCR Party Live! ep. 201 – The 7 Deadly Myths Of VCR Party

Added by 5 months ago

81 Views0 Comments This is easily the best episode so far this year and here's why: Herman sent us a mysterious email about a video that nobody understood, but George deciphered it and it turned o...

How To Seduce Your Lover

Added by 5 months ago

319 Views0 Comments

Give your lover a bushel of strawberries and follow these instructions for the slurpiest Valentine's Day of your life. (sound effects added by us, with apologies)

Let’s Ram It!

Added by 5 months ago

150 Views0 Comments The Rams are back in the Super Bowl so maybe now we can figure out what the hell "it" is they're ramming. Want more VHS rammed down your throat? Watch VCR Party Live! Tuesday ni...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Cathy’s Valentine with Caitlin McGurk

Added by 5 months ago

65 Views0 Comments They’re b…ACK!!! The Shaturday Palz return to wish you and your romantic partner(s) a happy Valentine’s Day with another non-shatty holiday special, “Cathy’s Valentine.” If you’...

VCR Party: A Look Back At 200 Dumb Episodes

Added by 5 months ago

73 Views0 Comments To commemorate our 200th episode, VHS detective George cut together this look back at the clips, the laughs, the reunions, and the Batman cereal. Thanks for watching!

VCR Party Live! Ep 200 – Nick’s Birthday and our 200th Episode!!!

Added by 5 months ago

54 Views0 Comments Well, hello, Melindas! This week on VCR Party, we celebrate 200 episodes of wonderful bullshit. Plus, it's Nick's birthday episode, so expect lots of babes, ventriloquism, singi...

VCR Party Live! ep 199 – Correctly Gripping The Sax Nozzle

Added by 6 months ago

133 Views0 Comments It's a somber week at FFF HQ as the fellas pay tribute to a couple VHS legends who have gone to the video store in the sky. But don't worry because death doesn't stop the laughs...

Mask Me Another

Added by 6 months ago

87 Views0 Comments It's the greatest game show in the history of VCR Party, conceived and hosted by George, argumentatively played by Joe, spanning four episodes, all compiled for the first time i...

VCR Party Live! Ep 198 – Spazzed Out On A Trash Heap with Joe Pera

Added by 6 months ago

109 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, the crew welcomes the delightful Joe Pera (Adult Swim's "Joe Pera Talks With You") to delve into our rarely seen DVD collection. That's right, we're temp...

VCR Party Live! ep 197 – Flubbin’ It Up with Dan The Flubman!

Added by 6 months ago

86 Views0 Comments Tonight the fellaz sit down for their annual chat with flubmaster, Dan "The Flubman" Opsal to watch last year's hottest flub finds. Dan, a certified Flubologist with a degree fr...

VCR Party Live! Ep. 196 – Joe’s Birthday IMG Spectacular

Added by 7 months ago

109 Views0 Comments Celebrate Joe's "boss bitch" birthday with wall-to-wall IMGs! Which untitled video will be named IMG of the Year? Stay tuned and find out. Plus, Nick tries chewing tobacco for t...

VCR Party Live! ep 195 – 2nd Annual “Who’s The Yellingest?” competition!

Added by 7 months ago

113 Views0 Comments This week the fellaz invite comedian and yelling expert, Zach Zucker to judge which VHS kook is this year's most yellingest. You've never seen screaming this loud in your life! ...

Happy New Year! Frank Sings “Auld Lang Syne!”

Added by 7 months ago

137 Views0 Comments

Ring in the new year the right way with this lost classic from one of the many volumes of Frank Woehrle sing-a-long VHS tapes!

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Ziggy’s Gift!

Added by 7 months ago

75 Views0 Comments You’ll probably want to postpone opening gifts and spend Christmas morning with your four favorite Shaturday Palz because they’re going to watch the non-shatty, award-winner, “Z...

VCR Party Live! Ep 193 – The 2021 Christmas “Spectacular”!!!

Added by 7 months ago

65 Views0 Comments Yule tide cheer will be shoved down your throat when George shows off cereal commercials interrupted by news teases, Steve gives us rapping hockey players, Joe finds some festiv...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Dinosaucers Christmas

Added by 7 months ago

85 Views0 Comments This week, the Shaturday crew is joined by art director and paleo artist Rebecca Dart, who helps separate dino-fact from dino-fiction in a Christmas episode of "Dinosaucers." Pl...

VCR Party Live! Ep 192 – Hello, Mr Johnson

Added by 7 months ago

100 Views0 Comments This week on VCR Party, we welcome Star Wars Holiday Special expert (and Daniel Songer maven) Tim Harrod to celebrate Life Day! Plus, a lost news appearance by Chef Keith, flyin...

VCR Party Live! Ep 194 – 2021 Video of the Year

Added by 7 months ago

86 Views0 Comments Grab a bottle of champagne and blow your noisemakers as we reveal our top videos of the year and then, after much intelligent debate, declare the 2021 VCR Party Video of the Year! Than...

Shaturday Morning Cartoons – Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas!

Added by 8 months ago

104 Views0 Comments The Shaturday crew curls up with a piping cold bowl of cereal and watches the rarely revered Inspector Gadget Christmas Special. Plus George quizzes the gang with cyborg-based t...