Added by on 2022-08-30… We first saw Creating Rem Lezar on VHS in a stranger’s living room in Denver at about 3 in the morning — ideal viewing conditions for this wonderfully strange artifact from the ’80s. We thought it was religious at first — either that, or Canadian — because something just seemed off. But it turns out, it’s neither! It’s just a wholly original kids movie with catchy songs that are still in our heads years later. This 1987 cult children’s musical comes to DVD and Blu-ray for the first time in this special edition! Restored in breathtaking high definition and featuring an exclusive 30-minute documentary on the making of the underground classic, this must-have gem of forgotten cinema includes interviews from star Jack Mulcahy (The Brothers McMullen), director Scott Zakarin, and composer Mark Mulé. Plus, sing-alongs, a Rem Lezar meme gallery, and more!

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