Added by on 2022-05-04 This week on VCR Party, Nick unleashes three different obscure VHS clips for Star Wars Day, Joe asks whether a video is really worth getting around the Macrovision, Steve celebrates the 29th anniversary of a home movie, and a newly single George unveils a political commercial using only POND5 footage from Romania. Plus, Mr. T chimes in with a reminder to treat your mother right on Mother’s Day! This episode is sponsored by the podcast, Opinionated Lushes, available via See the FFF live! Tickets at 5/14 – Woodstock, NY 5/18 – Brooklyn, NY 6/10 – Tribeca Film Festival 6/11 – Tribeca Film Festival 6/18 – Tribeca Film Festival 7/9 – Mahoning Drive-In Theater (PA) Listen to the Found Footage Fest’s new podcast “Bastard Tapes: The Worst & Weirdest Audio of All Time” hosted by The Onion’s Tim Harrod. Find it wherever podcasts are sold! Sign up for the FFF’s new and improved streaming service, SLP Club! It’s like Netflix but for long lost VHS! Buy Found Footage t-shirts, DVDs and other treasures at See more videos at Contact us: Twitter: @foundfootage Instagram: @foundfootagefestival

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