Added by on 2022-05-01 It’s Shaturday morning and Joe, Nick, George and Caitlin McGurk from the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library are “raisin hell” with 1988’s 2-D animated The California Raisin Show. We dive deep into the inexplicable craze that began with a TV commercial for raisins, led a series of collectible figurines from Hardee’s, and ended, among other things, California Raisin ear muffs. Plus, more Claymation commercials by Will Vinton, a slideshow of the weirdest raisin merch ever produced, and a stunning revelation about Caitlin’s favorite candy bar! Visit the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum in Columbus, Ohio at See Nick and Joe on tour with the Found Footage Festival. Tour dates and tickets at: Buy delightful VCR Party and Found Footage Festival treasures at


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