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Hold on to your tentacles! The Shaturday kids get their psyches snapped by the Lovecraftian nightmare that is the syndicated 1986 series, “Inhumanoids”. Then, the gang investigates obscure monster toys pulled from previously unexplored merchandising dimensions. If you’re a fan of zombies, mech suits, colossal undead subterranean creatures, or quiche, this freaky toon of cosmic doom is just for you. Check the fluid level in your brain, chowderhead! THINGS YOU SHOULD DO: Visit the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum in Columbus, OH! Listen to the Found Footage Fest’s new podcast “Bastard Tapes: The Worst & Weirdest Audio of All Time” hosted by The Onion’s Tim Harrod. Sign up for the FFF’s new and improved streaming service, SLP Club! Watch the Kenny Strasser videos and Bonion Sergery in their entirety in the highest resolution on the internet! Buy Found Footage junk at See more videos at Contact us: Twitter: @foundfootage Instagram: @foundfootagefestival


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