Added by on 2022-03-15 The Shaturday crew celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with The Real Ghostbusters – not a fake Ghostbuster in the bunch! We trace the confusing animated history of Ghostbusters for TV, cue up some ghostly commercials, and play the Frank Welker-based game show, “Slimer, Nibbler or Glomer?,” all in time for the mayor’s St. Patrick’s Day Eve dinner, THINGS YOU SHOULD DO: Follow Steve’s latest sell-outs and Jock Shams on the hit internet show, VCR Party, at Listen to the Found Footage Fest’s new podcast “Bastard Tapes: The Worst & Weirdest Audio of All Time” hosted by The Onion’s Tim Harrod. Sign up for the FFF’s new and improved streaming service, SLP Club! Featuring exclusive documentaries, full VHS tapes, and commentaries on old videos with the people who made them. Buy Found Footage junk at See more videos at Contact us: Twitter: @foundfootage Instagram: @foundfootagefestival


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