Added by on 2022-01-19 Tonight the fellaz sit down for their annual chat with flubmaster, Dan “The Flubman” Opsal to watch last year’s hottest flub finds. Dan, a certified Flubologist with a degree from Flubham University, comes ready to deconstruct the flubs of everyone from Ken Burns to Nick Prueher. Plus George makes a nice song! It’s the flubbiest flubisode of the flub! See more videos by Dan and his pal John Haskell at This episode sponsored by Bogus Meat Factory on Twitch and Literate Pixel podcast! Check them out on Twitter @bogusmeatfactory and IG: @literatepixel podcast Support the Melindas who support us! Listen to the Found Footage Fest’s new podcast “Bastard Tapes: The Worst & Weirdest Audio of All Time” hosted by The Onion’s Tim Harrod. Listen wherever podcasts are sold! Sign up for the FFF’s new and improved streaming service, SLP Club! It’s like Netflix but for stupid videos that everyone forgot about! See the FFF live! Tickets at 2/3 – Cincinatti, OH 3/11 – Portland, OR 3/12 – Vancouver, BC 3/13 – Seattle, WA Buy Found Footage junk at See more videos at Contact us: Twitter: @foundfootage Instagram: @foundfootagefestival

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