Added by on 2021-11-22 This week on VCR Party, it’s Pizza-vember and Nick unveils that latest training video found at his hometown Pizza Hut, Joe gives us a sampler of industrial videos for everything from soft serve machines to pitching devices, George discovers a teacher who only speaks in rhetorical questions, and Steve finds his first father-son “jock sham” athlete commercial. Plus, Cold War flying windows, embarrassing home movies, and the tale of a triple wisp-tastrophe! Join our Patreon exclusive Discord and watch our exclusive weekly bonus show at Buy a Sweatshirt That’s Hard To Explain and more at Join the soon-to-relaunch SLP Club streaming service – like Netflix for weirdos – at See Joe and Nick on tour this fall! 11/18 – Minneapolis 11/19 – Eau Claire, WI 11/20 – Madison 12/3 – 12/4 – Arlington, VA 12/9 – Brooklyn, NY 12/15 – Cleveland 12/16 – Columbus 12/19 – Milwaukee 12/20 – Chicago

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