Added by on 2020-11-30

VCR Party host, Joe Pickett takes viewers on a guided tour to the least traveled parts of YouTube and exhibits the best and worst finds for this quarter. With his team of IMG harvesters, they will unearth the most unintentionally hilarious, baffling, disturbing and awkwardly tedious videos you’ve never seen, including a Taco Bell moose, a singing bowtie, exploding corn and at least one fish attack. This program is also referred to as the “IMG Harvest Report for Quarter 3.” IMGs are accidentally uploaded or untitled videos laying dormant in the depths of YouTube with only a handful of views. If you go to youtube and type in IMG followed by any four numbers, dozens of videos will pop up. Most of them are completely unwatchable, but Joe and his team have thoughtfully curated only the finest from this quarter’s bounty.

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