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The Found Footage Festival is proud to announce a new documentary called “A Life On The Farm,” which seeks to uncover the mysteries behind a strange videotape found in rural England. Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett discovered the tape last year after filmmaker Oscar Harding showed it to them backstage at a show in Milwaukee. They’ve kept the video and the documentary project a secret until now. A Kickstarter for “A Life On The Farm” launches today. Oscar Harding’s grandfather passed away in the rural country of Somerset, England a decade ago. Amongst his possessions was a video tape from one of his neighbors, an eccentric farmer named Charles Carson. Self-shooting, editing and scoring everything manually, Charles’ home movie is hilarious, imaginative and downright weird. Highlights include: A skeleton drag race A rendition of Scotland The Brave performed on pieces of tractor machinery A close-up look at a cow placenta Filmmaking wasn’t Charles’ only talent – there’s a real argument to be made that he was an early pioneer of the Death Positivity Movement. He’s a great undiscovered outsider artist and it’s time his story was told. Desperate to learn more about the man and his movies, Oscar embarked on a years-long journey that’s been full of twists and turns. There’s far more to Charles’ story than his videos reveal. A Life On The Farm is an exploration and celebration of Charles Carson and his movies, which present a moving and laugh-out-loud document of a time and place in danger of being lost to history.

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